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The hottest of the hot cars roar at the NY Auto Show. The Quicken Loans add to Ryan Newman's car coverage for Stewart-Haas Racing in 2013. KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Sponsoring questions at Stewart-Haas Racing are beginning to be clarified.

On Tuesday Quicken Loans heralded that it will be doubling its coverage on Ryan Newmans car to 18 race in 2013. Replacing the 12-race sponsoring that the No. 39 squad was losing when the U.S. Army chose not to extend.

Also SHR is working on a possible contract with Bass Pro Shops to substitute some of the 22 open race cars on Tony Stewart's car after Office Depot had promised to quit the game after this one. "We' re on the verge of selling Ryan's race. Tony Gibson and the whole No. 39 crew's plan was to switch to Danica Patrick's car when she starts her first full Sprint Cup year.

Newman would not care to work with his new head of staff before the start of the racing seasons if a modification is made. Good new for Newman is that his car is almost fully backed, with Wix Filters, Outback Steakhouse and Aspen Dental likely to be back. "Well, that's for sure," Newman said. New to NASCAR this year, Quicken Loans sponsors nine races for the Newman's No. 39 family.

Accelerate the pursuit of Abe's car chases' (Video)

Listen Ol' Chestnut. Dancha knows. I' m really sick of using them when I use them for someone, but this one is just a tummy shake (and'Abe' doesn't even look like an'Abe'). iSpot does describe the ad that way: QuickLoans is on a quest to help you safe your cash, but first they have to safe every president for print cash.

Mm-hmm. Abe lincoln. The problem is that Ben Franklin (who comes at the end) was not a president. Otherwise, I like the fact that we have an old man named Lindoln following another man. Listen Ol' Chestnut. Dancha knows. In Thor' s letter he wrote: ...I like the fact that we have an old man called Lindoln following another.....

If Thor' s istpot statement didn't exist, I wouldn't have known why they were trying to run over honorable Anbe.

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