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Accelerated Russian reform will help investor benefits

In 2009, the Moscow office approval was granted for the establishment of Moscow as one of the world' s major global finance centers. Major but belligerent dates for the proposed action (set by The Moscow Exchange) were routinely missing; a mirror image of the complexity of what is being tried. Mr Tim Bevan, Director of BCS Financials Group's Global Primary Banking Division, gives a face-to-face insight into the modernisation of the Russia merchant banking sector and evaluates the impact of changes.

DTSE GM: What is the current status of the Moscow Multinational Finance Center implementation programme? 2009: TIM BEVAN: The establishment of Moscow as an internationally important finance center was presented. Nevertheless, attempts are being made to build a polished marketing structure and the complex nature of the challenge may only now be recognised.

There are many palpable changes, some of which are underestimated by the overall mart. The problems that (previously) kept foreign players away from the Russia markets are being solved, and the effects of these changes are now being reflected in a reduction in the cost and risk of trade in Russia.

Especially for equity markets players, three key areas of recovery are remarkable. This includes enhancements to the post-trade infrastucture, the corporation action system and of course the transition to T+2. Those are areas of actual and targeted changes that had quantifiable impacts on the overall retail landscape in Russia.

In the past, in post-trading, before an investment advisor or brokers could trade in Russia, its law and operations divisions had to adapt to suit specificities. This led to higher trade prices and the assumption of above-average exposure to trade risks; these two factors were important and undoubtedly prevented many global actors from entering the markets.

Russia now has a CSD that is recognized and governed by law and a binding resolution framework with the CSD as the only candidate in the commercial register. In addition, amendments to domestic laws allow Russia's custodian banks to open security deposits for non-resident nominees. Traders should be feeling much more confident about dealing in Russia than ever before.

The largest individual problem in the business arena was retroactive deadlines, particularly with respect to dividend payments. In addition, in the near term Russia will introduce a much cleaner price framework for locally traded shares through a standardized record and pay date system. RTSE GM: There is still much to be done to underpin the trade system, especially in the run-up to the T+2 trade-off.

BEVAN TIM: There has never been a single supermarket as such; just booking extra broad artificially priced items that would often absorb the ignorant. However, you can see the spreads at 400 base points (bps) compared to the real markets (T+0 order line) of Sub 1bps.

A few years ago, when the RUB credit line was strongly referred to by the markets, the spreads were no better than 100bps. In theory, the point is that the spreads reflect the costs of finance, as trading would be funded on the T+0 exchange and trading would be funded four trading day to maturity.

It would still be hard to estimate a FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market Even if a trad were to execute perfect, it would still be hard to estimate a FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market FX market T+2 and RUB and MICEX and RUB market FX market FX market FX market. Therefore, it would be far too simple for a stockbroker to warrant a 20bps-30bps slip ratio based on when and how foreign exchange trading was conducted.

Honestly, there will be too many members, and there is also worry about how the domestic markets will work. The T+0 is unlikely to be closed before fall, so an immediate cash flow movement is unlikely. BEVAN TIM: The Boerse has taken the choice to mange risks by conducting pre-trading margins reviews on members instead of creating a strong CCP and General Clearing member base.

A number of subtleties remain to be clarified, but two important breakthroughs are the transition to fractional marginining (which means a cut in funding and clearance by up to 85%) and 100% cash marginining, which creates the opportunity to deal in a much wider spectrum of shares without the need for pre-location.

For FTSE GM: Is the Russia look nearer to a standardized one? To come back to the foreign currency markets, the changes in Moscow's structure have allowed brokerages to take a much more open stance when, for example, they receive a cleaner US dollar rate when they trade on a RUB store. Included in the new scheme are extensive stock commissions, broking commissions, clearance expenses, processing commissions and foreign currency.

These changes make it look like a commodity business paradigm. In addition, each of these charges can be validated and reviewed, which means that more and more clear, cost-intensive schemes are being made available to the merchant. We see a number of other changes beyond the equity markets, ranging from RUB's enhanced offshore activities from the acquisition of government securities (OFZs) in Euroclear to the introduction of fix-ins, and the introduction of new products such as the first ever bondTF.

Nevertheless, we see the creation of a new stage on which a mature and more demanding finance industry can thrive. It is safe to say that trade prices are falling and will keep falling. Over the next six to twelve month we also anticipate a significant rise in our share of the global stock exchange, both on the buying and selling side.

An expansion of cash further down the equity order books, an expansion of RUB and RUB owned asset holdings in the GLP, and a more sophisticated derivative exchange are also expected. Taking all these factors into account, 2013 is an important landmark year in the development of Russia's financial stock exchanges, from the full use of the NSD to the stock exchange reorganisation, and the changes in dividend levels constitute a significant transformation of the structure.

Jointly, they give genuine impulses for further marketing reforms. Mr. Bevan joins BCS Financial Group in 2012 as Head of International Sales, Prime Brokerage. For eight years he worked on the London Stock Exchange, where he was responsible for the Exchangetraded Fund, Exchange-traded Commodity and Securitised Derivatives business units.

He was also strongly engaged in the introduction of DR derivates on EDX. Previously, he worked for RenCap, first in Delta-1 structure and most recently in Equity Sales. Previously, Tim was Director of Global Electronic Trading at Otkritie Capital for three years.

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