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Their rates and charges are higher than the national average. Gilbert on Rover's Morning Glory (LIVE) | page 3 But I have to think until Quicken Loans is closed, they are going to be known as a very sound firm (from a 20,000-foot view). At the end of the day, someone can show dozens of dozens of thousands of satisfied clients for every dissatisfied client.

Mortgages are another animal overall. As you say, there are some clients who probably thought they made a good business. On the outside, and with some information about the sector, because I work in an area that works with mortgages, but I don't get paid on one of them's names, I'll tell you they're queues.

I' m dealing with businesses that have great client services, but not the best prices, there are businesses that I work with that have the best prices and charges, but a terrible client services, I would never be dealing with Quicken unless my customers turned down my professional advise and got involved with them.

Fortunately, my customers have confidence in me because I can trade fairly and show them how to take full advantage of them, and when they see it, they want to hit their Quicken LO in the balls. Wish I could get a pile of GFE's from the big bank and show everyone where they would pay tens of millions more Quicken, but I don't have a lot of free cash and I never kept any of them, but let's just say there were at least several thousand more than the bank I normally handle, like $1,200 vs. $6,000.

Don't take my word for it, go chat with a Quicken Loans representative and then go chat with a portfolio lending institution in your area or a familiar name. Again, it's not just Quicken. My favourite story is that I went to two mortgages across the road in Columbus.

I' m issuing the surnames, one of which was Integrity Mortgage and the other Equitable Mortgage. I was advertising integrity all the while in all kinds of different types of medias and I ran into a real estate agent from their office during a commercial event and I thought the fellow seemed cute and I would give him a shot.

So I went to Equitable and got a better tariff with tens of millions less than that. They seemed to have nothing to do with the firm, and not surprised that they gave up their businesses. It' as difficult to find a proper creditor as it is to find a proper mechanical engineer, but do your research and you won't be burnt by the quickens of the earth.

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