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No: 1 among the large IT workstations: Accelerate loans | ITusiness

Take a look around the Quicken Loans hall and you'll find that good days are the cause that the finance service provider is considered Computerworld's No. 1 big IT workplace for 2014. Detroit's Quicken Loans have recently been led through periods that have not been so good by this powerful business environment, due to a recent economic slowdown and the fact that the business operates in an economic sector that is directly linked to this slowdown and is situated in a struggling town.

"Anne Way, a 10-year-old corporate veteran who is now head of operations, says, "We use our key cultures to make decisions, and we always have. "Everybody knows that the Kern-Immas are solid," Way says, pointing to the 19 key principals of Quicken Loans, or Ismas, like "doing the right thing" and "obsessed with trying to find a better way.

In the last four years, Quicken Loans has increased its IT staff from 350 to more than 1,100 people. "It' s quick and intensive, but the members of the teams are really open and accessible," says Way, a former banking woman who has been in her present role for four years and has 30 senior executives and two senior executives who take care of high-level IT initiative.

"Articel. heading +''''; listEl. prepend(''+articelHtml+''')); articleIndex++; } listEl. show();//show unit }); }); }); } ); Two big ideas underline the way Quicken Loans deals with its fast growing IT staff. Firstly, he has recently started a reorganisation of the IT group. Now, each entity has its own IT teams, she states.

Rather than moving assets from one job to another, members of the teams remain in the jobs from beginning to end. Quicken Loans Technical University is the name, and Eric Duby, trainer, says 10 classes have been conducted on subjects such as system coaching and software skill such as personal communications and timing.

After 18 years with Quicken Loans, he had a ring seat for the increasingly hot fight for IT talents, and she knows that compensation is not the only thing that makes a business a great place to work. "It is my own pleasure," she added, "to see a working together side by side and see how individual people reach their full potentials.

" Kwiotek is a young benefactor of Quicken Loans' talents investments. Kwiotek was a 2012 Wayne State University graduate of the first grade of the "IT in the D" programme established by several companies in the Detroit area to provide selected college and college graduates with hands-on IT project experiences.

articles. heading +'''; listEl. prepend(''+articleHtml+''); articleIndex++; } listEl. show();//show unit }); }); }); }); Kwiotek worked for Quicken Loans on a 10 week data base work. He is now a part-time undergraduate and a full-time applications engineering graduate at Quicken Loans. Kwiotek says, "The guys here are unyielding when it comes to having the conversation, and they find that Quicken Loans employees are asking things like "What can you get to the team" and "How can we make it better for the client?

" "I can ask anyone for help as a scheme expands. "Phillip began as part of a computer warehousing crew. After becoming chief engineering in this group, she became an architecture consultant for the BI group. Their first four years at Quicken Loans were on the Michigan campus, but when families' needs made it necessary for them to move to Florida four years ago, Phillip got the opportunity to work away.

"Uh, our teams are turning information into real-world clues. Still, the work is really technological - we may know what we're doing, but we don't want everyone else to do it," she says. At the same time, consequent communication with the managers means that no one is taken by surprise by a rating.

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