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Punter shows a preview of the national tournament 2017 Quicken Loans National on the European/PGA Tour. Preview Quicken Loans National 2017 Bets We are on the PGA Tour to Maryland this weekend to a redesigned location - TPC Potomac on Avenel Farm. Previously the AT&T National, the Quicken Loans National superseded the old Colorado-based stageford tournament named International on the PGA Tour. Potomac TPC on Avenel Farm, Maryland. Quicken Loans National relocated to Aronimink for the 2010 and 2011 issues, while the customary location, Congressal, was used for the 2011 US Open (won by Rory McIlroy) and was performed two years ago on the Robert Trent Jones Course in Virginia.

Congressmen have ruled that they do not want the revolution of stage-managing a PGA Tour event every year, so we will change venue again for this, the Eleventh Renovation, to TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm. Formerly known as TPC Avenel, TPC Potomac hosted the now non-existent Booz Allen Classic between 1987 and 2006, with the sole difference of 2005, when the competition was held at Congressal, while Avenel was redesigned.

Located between a residential complex and a treatment plant, Avenel was unpopular almost everywhere and was regarded as a much worse host than the former host of the competition, Congressal and Quail Hollow (this year's USPGA Championship venue). Booz Allen crashed to the ground until he finally suffered a decease, and after the last refurbishment in'06 the course was thoroughly renovated for two years and the course was re-named and re-named.

In order to make TPC Potomac a better course for organizing a PGA TOUR experience, all the viewing hills were sunk down to give a more realistic look with a view to several potholes accessible from individual venues. On Booz Allen 2006, the course was created as 6,987 yard, 71 park, so about 150 yards were added and the park decreased.

In its old form, the course was not a hard test and Ben Curtis won the Booz Allen finals at 20 under-par in all but we can count on a much more difficult challenge this time. Potomac TPC held the 2010 Senior Players Championship, won by Mark O'Meara in a seven under-play playoff, and was also the host for the last two installments of the Mid-Atlantic Championship on the Internet. com Tour.

See the website of our company for much more about the location here and the holes for the 2013 tournament on the Web. com Tour are here. So what does it take to beat the Quicken Loans Nation? Sounding as if the location will be unrecognizable to the one who was found in 2006, so the Booz Allen shape is useless, and if the evaluation at the three venues that have been taking place here since the redraft has something to bear, we will get a hard test.

First and second at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Championship, Putnam and Chesson Hadley, were the only two in the peloton who limited Bogeys to a singular number, and a year ago the first five home residents kept their Boogey vallies under 10. It' really a difficult task to know what you can be expecting here, but it might be worth testing the forms on other 70-place pars with centgrass green that have a tendency to generate low winnings.

WGC Bridgestone Invitational venues, Firestone, is the most visible and Colonial Country Club, home of the Dean & Deluca Invitational, looks good, but next week's venues, Greenbrier's Old White and TPC Four Season, where the Byron Nelson was performed, may also be deserving of a look, although the scores on these two titles are slightly higher.

After rejecting the shape before the location was redesigned, it might be a little dishonest to say that many of the Booz Allen champions were out of line for the first straight and I wouldn't have said it if I hadn't highlighted the fact that the last two champions of the competition were also first place finishers.

However, these two innovations could be a ray of hope, and before Merrit's victory, the winning entries were all pretty well attended and in great shape. At the beginning of the campaign, all eight had already shown a lot of shape - regardless of the location. First six of them had all won early in the year, and the two previous Merritt champions, Justin Rose and Bill Haas, had both achieved top five notches.

In 2013 Putnam began slow, drew places 48 and six after the first lap, but like the two former course champions since the design, he was half way in the top three and within two of the leaders. Again, I am disputably a Bit hypocritical to look at the Booz Allen results that have asserted early that the mold is valueless, but if it is ever worth anything, victors tend to be right too with the step very early on in this case.

Indeed, seven of the last eight Booz Allen champions were sitting midway on first or second place. Even though I didn't mention it as a measure to control us beforehand, performance versus performance versus score versus score versus score is always a good statistic to read when you face a 70 with only two five pars, so it's a pit that's specifically checked for Thomas, who's 41 under on four pars this year.

It is Fowler’ first run since his frustrating Erin Hills performance and Thomas showed us last weekend at the Travelers Championship where he failed to make the break, how difficult it is to get up after a big run. He has won the Humana Challenge twice and his shape pieces in this competition over the past four years have been reading a dazzlingly apparent 1-30-4-4-3.

It is understandable that Danny Lee has reduced his length because his only win so far was in the already mentioned Greenbrier Classic and his new shape is notable. Last but not least, just in case we get another first place finish, I threw a few quid at Morgan Hoffman, who finished 6th at the 2012 event this year.

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