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The Quicken Loans Arena will reopen next months. Less than a months before the opening of the Quicken Loans Arena at the beginning of the 2018-19 Cleveland Cavaliers, Monsters, Concert und Events Season 2018-19 campaign, work on transforming the arena will continue. At the beginning of its 25-year existence, the state-owned Quicken Loans Arena (The Q) will be converted into a state-of-the-art complex that will enable it to survive in competition for years to come.

This ongoing effort has also led to the renewal of the Cleveland Cavaliers rental agreement in The Q, which has been committed to the arena for at least 40 years and is one of the longest in the professional world. Q Transformation, enabled by a public-private relationship between the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and the Cleveland Cavaliers, will modernize and enable the Cleveland location to competitively and attractively host high-profile venues, enhance the visitor experiences, and make sure that it will have a long-term positive impact on the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, the municipality and neighborhoods, and the area.

Financing Cavs covers all non-public, clubs, suites, teams, premier area, AV/LED, light and multimedia enhancements, as well as a substantial proportion of amenity enhancements, including contest enhancements and area extensions. Almost all of the current USD 70 million ceiling amount of government funds will be reimbursed from immediate arena-related income streams and will be used to finalise the remainder of the redesign of the public sphere and the associated extensions.

Essentially, the income streams consist of the current registration tax on Q event ticketing. The most prominent work to date has been the removal of the outer northern side of the arena (along the Huron Rd from Ontario St. to E. 7th Street) to make room for the new glazed facade and courtyard, which will be added to the Q 42,530 square meters of new open air room, the foundations that will sustain the courtyard have been placed, and huge structural girders forming the circumference of the glazed enclosure are currently being erected.

The work on the southern side of the arena has extended the floor area of the facility towards Gateway Plaza and will be adding 6,350 sqm to The Q. This extra floor area will enlarge the room to allow more fan-friendly access to the arena and allow for a wider entrance area that significantly improves routing and foot traffic.

This will also pave the way for a new quarter that will offer new gastronomic opportunities on the southern side of the arena. Work on the hall's refurbishment will be continued throughout the entire seasonal period, while the new southern entrance at Gateway Plaza will be finished for the reopening of the arena in October. Loudville's new Loudville Hospitals area, presented by FirstEnergy and situated at the southern end of The Q's top floor, will be equipped with new courtyard seats and stand-up areas as well as a centrally positioned fan cafe.

This new Loudville room is open to all Cavs home matches and most other arena venues starting in the 2019-2020 campaign. Fan and guest will find that this area will be closed for the whole 2018-19 campaign.

Huntington Bank Club non-stop course (fourth level): The works have been finished, opening a hall on the 4th floor of the arena. The Huntington Bank Club Levels were originally designed to be disrupted by a privately owned entertainment area that did not allow supporters to enter the entire area.

Westfield Club" was developed to provide a more effective and free flow hall on the 4th floor. At the moment the floors in the ground and first floors are being renewed. For the 2018-19 coming seasons, the top floor will be almost finished, while the current area of the hall has been taken off and painted with colour.

If The Q is reopened, there will be two new member areas for members and three current venues that have been upgraded with redesigned layout, contemporary surfaces and furniture and the latest technologies. Admission to these rooms is restricted to those with Foundation memberships, the new Cleveland Cavaliers Premier Memberships.

This elevated memberships rooms also make available all-important hospitableness facilities that will be crucial in compelling and donning for domestic and foreign events the size of the Republican Nationwide Convention that will be hosted at the Quicken Loans Arena 2016, a prospective NBA All-Star game, NCAA Championships and more. The rooms and facilities have been meticulously upgraded and redesigned in response to input from fan-based users that the Cavaliers have been given and that they have been able to take into account in the refurbishment and expansion of current and new areas.

Venue-levels clubs provide the backstage ambience for matchday activities: The Chairman's Lounge (formerly Lexus Lounge) is situated on the northern side of the venue next to the four-bank lifts. The Courtside ( formerly Court ) is the biggest of all clubs, situated at the southern end and back-of-house on the events area.

The Bacardi Ocho signature lounges celebrate their d├ębut in the 2018-19 Cavaliers Series. The Huntington Bank Club Levels (Level 4) provide a great view of the arena shell: Westfield Champions Clubs (formerly VIP Club) on the southern side will be equipped with a Clubbox and lounges for all Cavaliers matches.

The Huntington Legends Club, situated on the northern side of Floor 4, is a completely new facility overlooking the arena basin and offers great vistas of all Cavs and Quicken Loans Arena venues. Furthermore, the Huntington Bank Club Levels (4) and Founder's Levels (2) will feature a new look with new seats, surfaces, decorations and technologies.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers' dressing room will be completely redesigned and reconfigured to be prepared for the 2018-19 series. Reconstruction and refurbishment of the dressing room will also be financed by private Cavalier property as part of the $45 million addition. The Quicken Loans Arena will be closed again in 2019 to conclude the Q Transformation for the launch of the 2019-20 series.

Q Transformation is a large refurbishment effort to upgrade the nearly 24-year-old Quicken Loans Arena (The Q), home to the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, AHL Cleveland Monsters and over 200 annual shows. Cleveland's Gateway District public arena is run by the Cavaliers organization. Cuyahoga County and the Cavaliers, which will modernize the site to retain its world-class standing, improve the fans excitement and further have a beneficial effect on the Cleveland town, municipality, neighborhoods and area.

Q Transform will prolong the Cavs leasing contract until 2034 and take an NBA All-Star Week to Cleveland. Quicken Loans Arena transition will be complete by the beginning of the 2019-2020 NBA campaign.

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