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> page 3 I think that if a gambler is purchased for 18 million, it will go into the accounts this year. Instead of the remuneration required by the agreement, the stipulated buy-out amount (see Q62 ) is incorporated into the remuneration of the TE. Players who have had more than one campaign remaining on their contracts will have their buy-out funds spread over those campaigns in relation to their initial pay.

As an example, let's say a gambler had three seasons on his deal, with wages of $10 million, $11 million and $12 million. Players and the teams arrange a $15 million payout. Therefore, the 15 million dollars will be debited to the pay of the teams over the three years. As the initial agreement still had $33 million to pay and $10 million is 30.3% of $33 million, 30.3% of the $15 million payout or $4.545 million in the first campaign after the payout is contained in the total pay.

Similarly, 33.33% of 15 million dollars or 5 million dollars in the second campaign are contained in the teammate pay, and 36.36% of 15 million dollars or 5.455 million dollars in the third campaign are contained in the teammate pay. He would simply take nothing less than what he was fully assured of in the 2 years of his agreement (2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons).

For these two saisons he owe 25.3 million dollars, and it was said that our front office wanted him to take 9 million dollars less than that to just leave.

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Luckily, I don't have a Suntrust banking relationship, but I have two car loans with you. The loan repayment legislation contains physiotherapists as frontline providers.

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