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"...he has taken a heavy fall from a danger.

Just-in-Rose claimed Quicken Loans domestic titles after the play-off for the first win since the US Open last year.

Only Rose had to parry the last holes in the settlement to clinch his sixth PGA Tour victory. One of the main favorites for the show is Tiger Woods, regardless of his missing incision in his recurrence after back operations - or at least Jordan Spieth, the US prodigy who was playing with Woods in Washington.

Holz fired 74-75 to drop four rounds behind Quicken Loans Nationals qualification after 12 consecutive months of being out on his backbone. Wood is on holiday with his kids this holiday and will probably be arriving in Hoylake the next day before the Open.

This means that Zanotti is now the first Paraguayan golf professional to take the European Tour and improve on his best results to date at the 2009 Open de Espana, 2010 KLM Open and 2012 Irish Open. Cabrera Bello would have been the favorite in many ways after beating an Adler and a Birdy on Sunday's seventeenth and eighteenth hole, but Zanotti was the only man in the top four who didn't card a Boggy in the forth round, and he kept that statistics when it was most important.

After carding seven birdies in a nice round four, he was forced to make a Bogey on the twelfth pocket, which means the playoff was out of range.

Golf player Joel Dahmen has accused Sung Kang of having cheated in the Quicken Loans Nationals.

JUNE 30: Joel Dahmen puts a putting on the second Green during the third round of the Quicken Loans National at TPC Potomac on June 30, 2018 in Poto Mac, Maryland. The Quicken Loans National on Sunday was accused of fraud.

A few acres after the end of Sunday's TPC Potomac lap, PGA Tour Pro Joel Dahmen on Twitter reported that Sung Kang had taken an unjust decline to 10th place. More than 20 min. of argument was put forward by the couple - so that another combination could go through - before a rule leader eventually took Kang's side.

Asked on Twitter about the long deceleration, Stephen didn't take a word for it. "He said Kang cheated." "He' s taken a heavy fall from a danger. He and Kang had what he called "a typically quarreling", which resulted in a decline to number 10. Kang, 31, thought his kick had ended in danger, allowing him to throw his volley to the side of danger nearer the half.

I didn't think Kang's prom would cross the danger. He went on to parry the gap and finished third at 12 under. Mr Doemmer said he had no option but to get Kang's credit card signed at the end of the round to confirm his formal points number. "I can' do anything at the moment," writes Twitter writer Dunham.

PGA Tour spokespersons did not respond immediately to questions from USA TODAY Sports for comments on Monday mornings.

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