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And Apple launches Business Chat globally so you can speak to brand names on your iPhone. And Apple has launched its Business Chat function globally, giving you the opportunity to chat with certain brand names from your iPhone and iPad. It has been available in the USA for some considerable period of now, but today is the first year that the ministry has reached other areas such as Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Singapore and several countries in Europe.

Interactive with the brand through the Messages application on your iPhone or iPad, it works just like any other iMessage call. In addition to asking for information about orders, opening times and bookings, the Business Chat also allows you to make shopping via the newsflow.

UK consumers can chat with nPower via smart meters. To start a chat in the Messages application, visit the nPower website Contacts page on your mobile and tap the "Chat with Messages" icon. In the context of the global rollout, Apple has acknowledged that 30 new trademarks have entered the market, and the full listing of registered businesses can be found below.

At the moment there's no mention of who could make an appointment, but Apple says more trademarks will join the site in good times. Which Apple mobile is the best? iPhone 2018 Best: Which Apple mobile is the best?

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