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It'?s not engineer to amaze: Quicken's "contactless provision" is not enforceable because it is too wide, the Arizona Court of Appeals decides.

Similarly, the same standards apply to the related "non-contact" provision, which prevents former staff from enticing their old counterparts into new roles. The ruling of an Arizona appeals tribunal at the beginning of this month confirms this approach. In Quicken Credit v. Beale, this tribunal ruled that a "contactless" provision that prevented former Quicken credit manager from contact with present credit manager for two years was not strictly designed to safeguard Quicken's pecuniary interests and constituted an inappropriate limitation on the linguistic privileges of former Quicken staff.

Quicken had to foot the legal costs of its former staff - as well as the charges that the new business loansDepot had accrued to the former staff when it entered the Quicken trial. Well-known Quicken Loans (whose motto is "Engineered to Amaze") have their mortgagors signing an employee contract that contains a non-competition clauses, as well as a provision that prevents them from getting other peers to quit Quicken for two full years after leaving Quicken themselves.

Seven Quicken benchmen abandoned the company and affiliated themselves to the opponent loanDepot. 4. Quicken, claiming that these seven co-workers were trying to transfer some former co-workers to loanDepot, filed lawsuit in Arizona against them for violation of the settlement and demanded monetary compensation and injunction. loanDepot intervened in the suit. Following some revelation, the staff and loanDepot went for a summing up verdict, claiming that Quicken's contactless determination was excessive and unduly prescriptive of the staff, and that Quicken had shown no justified interest in warranting such a determination - something the Michigan Act governing the arrangement demanded.

Not only did the tribunal agree and issued a verdict to the staff and loanDepot. ý There was also an Arizona Constitution that allowed a judge to grant the winning party in a contractual litigation his attorney costs reimbursed by the underdog. For example, the tribunal ordered Quicken to foot the workers' fee and loanDepot's fee bill - although the company had not initially been prosecuted by Quicken and had volunteered to join the lawsuit to defend its new team.

I liked Quicken, but without much luck. Exactly. It was arguing that because it was spending a significant amount of timeframe - eight weeks or so - and spending cash that trains new mortgage lenders, it had a justified commercial interest in not letting a competitor, such as loanDepot, rob those educated workers away. Quicken's two-year non-contact clause in the settlement, it claimed, was many notches longer than the amount of real Quicken spending on banker education, so the clause was not closely linked to Quicken's real investments of Quicken's own resources.

She also confirmed that the rule was too wide to be used on the former employees' speech: as noted, the non-contact term prevented former and present Quicken financiers from "talking about employment possibilities - even if these possibilities have nothing to do with the mortgages sector.

" According to the tribunal, this limitation is too comprehensive. Mr Quicken tried to get both the Tribunal and the Appeals Tribunal to reduce the non-contact provision to a simple enforcement case, but both were against. Appeals also ruled that Quicken should refund the attorneys' costs and loansDepot charges of former staff and rejected Quicken's claim that it had not actually taken action against loanDepot: loansDepot was, according to the Appeals Tribunal, a "successful party" within the sense of the applicable statutes and had a legitimate interest in the result.

It seems that Quicken is in the uncomfortable situation of having to pay a competitor's legal costs for a suit in which it did not even take the competitors to court. Quicken will certainly now consider reshaping its contracts to make sure they are designed correctly so that they are enforcable - if not "surprise" even the retiring people.

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