Quicken Loans Customer Satisfaction

Loan Quicken customer satisfaction

J.D. Power Quicken has ranked Quicken Loans at the nation's highest customer satisfaction level for eight consecutive years for Primary Mortgage Origination.

Reflection on HÖRER 2017

From October 25th to 27th CallMiner hosted its 9th edition of the 2017 LISTS 2017 Convention and here are some of the highpoints. As part of the program, Listen awards were presented to industry experts and program managers whose effort, through the use of analytical tools, had a significant influence on the improvement of their companies' outcomes. Bluegreen Vacations Quality Analytics Manager Adam McCord was recognized for his achievement in drug delivery reduction, 26% improvement in customer satisfaction and 48% in revenue throughput.

Axcess Financial's Allyson Keown, speaker analytics analyst, was recognized for its achievement in trebling the number of weekly financial reviews and cutting call work by 37%. Most recently, for her work in detecting fraudulent Phishing with the Eureka voice analysis solution, which led to a 100% reduction in attempted frauds and enhanced security for her trading partners.

A Program Executive from a major broadcast communications and consumer goods firm was also recognized for his guidance in the early deployment and on-boarding phase of voice analysis, as well as for his presentation of the way to dramatically reduce costs in the first year. Furthermore, the winners of the yearly Eureka API competition were given to Encore Capital Group for the second time in a row to use the CallMiner Eureka API cookscript.

It used the Eureka API to help determine call events and predict modeling to help mitigate error detection languages and litigation outcomes. Further highlight of the conference were the Speaker Keynotes: Will Price - who spoke about a change in the balance of powers and the need to provide the Me2B experience today's consumers are demanding.

SIGNALS presented its legacy track to customer analysts, executive managers, vets and newcomers in the form of presentations and roundtable meetings, while new technology was presented by CallMiner and its affiliate partners. This year' s new feature was the Great Escape Challenge, in which up to eight player crews competed to quickly master the challenges using real evidence and conversation analysis capabilities.

"The Great Escape Challenge was a great time and a real challenge," said Christine Gonzalez, HomeServe USA. "We are pleased to have been able to bring some new excitement to the event while providing our participants with the latest and most responsive information, both in our keynote speeches and in our breakdown sessions," said CallMiner Vice President of Marketing, Scott Kendrick.

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