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Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, Ohio) Quicken Loans National Gary Woodland Any option. Accelerate loans and PGA Tour bring golf to Detroit. The LSA Online - LSA Directory Interacting Technologies is a leading global supplier of light management solutions for the architecture and entertainment industries. Among our products are the award-winning CueServer Lightsing System, the renowned SceneStation Architectural Controller, system integrators and DMX interface. Nearly a quarter of a millennium ago, we established our renown for the highest levels of production excellence and unprecedented levels of service.

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Sooner Five Qualifying for a NCAA

Oklahoma and NORMAN are sending five students to participate in the 2018 NCAA Championships at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio from March 15th to 17th. The three Sooners qualify themselves for the Big 12 Championships in Tulsa by placing first. Christian Moody (125 pounds) deserved his place with a 6th place, Dawaylon Barnes (165 pounds) won the fight for fifth place at Tulsa to clinch his place in the show, and Yuanse Mejias came 4th at 174 lbs to write his name in the class.

On Tuesday Junior Davion was appointed to one of six large 149 pound choices. With a total of 24-17, he will travel to Cleveland in the 2017-18 series. Intermat's ranks in the top 20 nationally were consistent throughout the entire Intermat racing year. Mejias is 28-9 this total while Moody has a 23-13 rally in his red shirt study time which involves a 12-match winning series.

longo deserved a place as a replacement, his forth journey to the NCAA championships in his academic carrier. In round one, Morody wins against former probe driver Ryan Millhof of Arizona State. Oklahoma State's Bedlam-bout marks at 149 lbs between Jeffries and Boo Lewallen. Elsewhere, Barnes' opening rival, Te'Shan Campbell, was Mejias' NCAA championship rival in last year's first round at 165lb.

NCAA Championships first round starts Thursday, March 15th at 11am CT on ESPNU and continues through the Champions round on Saturday, March 17th at 7pm CT.

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