Quicken Loans Equity line

The Quicken Loans Equity Line

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My experiences have been great, from preliminary estimations to explaining the trial to completion. Hi Glenn, thanks for taking the trouble to split your experiences. and I' m part of the Quicken Loans social media group. Well, I promise you, your timeframe is greatly valued.

Yours faithfully, Quicken Loans Representatives are definitely the best in the outfit. Your levels of after sales services are unparalleled. Everybody who had to do with my Re-Fi mortgages was competent, customer-oriented and thoughtful. I have been working in banking for 30 years and not where I came across such a customer-oriented approach. The Quicken Loans should be the "Poster Busi-ness Organisation" for which a services sector should be.

Everybody and I mean everyone through whom I have spoken every single times I have phoned has been so courteous and informed and patient it has been very courteous and very courteous. And I disbelieved every single call I made to get a name. Can' say enough about how lucky I am that I went through Quicken Loans for my home loan.

Loan Quicken has its play on, rapid services and rapid replies. It was all great till graduation. Though we thought we had a trustee for 25 years and never had any problems before, Quicken does not take out loans in a trustee. We had to take our home out of our trusts in order to shut it down, and then at the same place back into the trusts????? we never got a clear response that made any real difference.

To say that would reuse Quicken Loans. When I moved, I was instructed to work with Quicken to get a home mortgage for my new home. I' d highly suggest Quicken Loans. Deviating application for assets to be liquidated as initially presented in the financial statements. Much better would have been if I had only spoken with 2 different persons during the trial than with 4+.

Walked through the whole closure TWO because the first times they handled the closure on the basis of Florida requirements (where I live) and not Georgia requirements (where the real estate was located). It would also be good to have a copy of the degree documentation at hand a few working days in advance.

Only the final revelation was made available to me, which was a 7 page briefs on what was on my credit when the final documentation was 100+ pages. I' ve been provided with the records for inspection on the date of closure. A 75k loans and I had to disburse about $4K+ final costs in which I think is too high (which is also besides the 500 disbursed for the estimate).

I' d like to say that their support was good and every single call they were there to reply. However, I am checking on the basis of the basics of a business that has so many clients but makes so many mistakes...having great rep is a plus, but not enough for me to alter my view of the business world.

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