Quicken Loans home Equity line

Loans Quicken Home Equity Line

There was good credit and equity in my house, but I wanted to repay my mortgage earlier. This online app was very helpful when saving and uploading documents. Quickken Loan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from www.quickenloans.com

You made the credit procedure clear and straightforward. It' a really revolutionizing mortgaging proces! And Nathan Osbourn and his crew were no less than fantastic! It took about a year to complete the whole house purchase procedure. During the whole trial Nathan and Alex continue to log in and provide further assistance. Both Nathan and his staff worked diligently to make sure the purchase went smoothly.

There was no hitch in the trial. It was a great success because I could always see what I needed to do - it accelerated the workflow and did the best I could to help my consultant. I haven't got the cheque yet, 11 and a half working days after we signed the final paperwork.

I would like to ask you to please forward me a copy of the singeing closure documents, as I cannot retrieve them from the web. A potentially tricky trial ran off well. IT WAS VERY EFFICIENT, MY LOAN WAS COMPLETED IN ABOUT 2 WEEK. Quicken was the best option I could have made in my house purchase procedure.

I talked to mortgage finance professionals who were very dependable, agile and could offer help as needed. Most of the hard part of the whole thing was the messaging boards. I didn't have a clear answer and e-mails are hard to read. In the credit history and close window, my page showed that I would receive this amount in 3 to 5 workingdays after the closing, but I still have not got it and today it is probably regarded as date 4.

On the other side Andrew Moore was outstanding and very instructive, Farrah Fain was a girl I would be inviting to my home as a girlfriend, so she made my graduation perfectly. Best of all, the not confounding, gradual trial while I stayed in my home. I' d suggest Quicken Loans to anyone who asks.

There'?s nothing wrong I can tell the crews to help me find my new and first home. Fast and simple.

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