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UpTo", the social calendar innovator, cooperates with the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.

NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers have joined forces with the NBA's community calendaring site UpTo to give supporters new ways to get information about upcoming NBAs. UpTo is integrated into users' agendas so they can easily view and view shared occurrences. UpTo CEO and Greg Schwartz, the company's creator, says that when downloading the software, consumers can create their feeds by following a friend, relative or employee, tracking streaming live shows and add your own personal agendas to check their uptime.

You can also annotate incidents such as incidents, store incidents in your calendar and shared incidents with your mates. With UpTo, players can track the match plans of all large sporting professionals, but the Cavaliers are the first to provide full coverage of all tournaments, promotion and advertising - including players' performances, charities and radio information.

UpTo has also added other Cleveland-based streaming services as part of its relationship with the Cavs, including: the Destination marketing organisation Positively Cleveland; Quicken Loans Arena, which hosts the Cavaliers; AFL The Cleveland Gladiators Group; AHL The Lake Erie Monsters Group; and general lists for Cleveland concert and theatre. Jirousek, Brandon, senior management responsible for the Cavaliers' DVB business, said Dan Gilbert, President and CEO of Quicken Loans Inc, the principal shareholder of Cavaliers and general contractor at Detroit Venture Partners, assisted in the launch of the Cavaliers at UpTo, also a Detroit Venture Partners investment group.

"There was an immediate enthusiasm within our group as we as an organisation are always looking for ways to better link with our supporters to supply them with the information they are looking for," Jirousek commented. As well as UpTo, the Cavaliers are connecting with supporters on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and their own community networking site, CavFanatic.com, as well as the Cavs Mobile App, which provides match, teammate and trip information and allows supporters to buy ticket and merchandising.

In March UpTo had a software release of its iPhone application and last weeks started an Android application. While UpTo would not publish any downloading numbers, it says it has more than 200,000 joint meetings and nearly 800 published streaming sites that can be followed by people. Schwartz said UpTo has also produced streaming video shows for other partner companies such as Westfield Stratford City in the UK, the home of London's Olympic Park where the 2012 Olympic Games took place, TechCrunch, the technological real estate that presented press releases and technical happenings, and Quicken Loans, which highlight Detroit incidents.

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