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The Detroit-based Quicken Loans Inc. is the nation's largest home mortgage bank. Works for Quicken Loans Inc. in the United States: 1,038 Ratings

Getting sacked because you're involved in a motor vehicle crash, because you've been sacked, because you've talked to a supervisor, because you've been cheated the most, because you've gone to be with another important person for the delivery of a newborn. I' ve learnt a great deal about managing my own hours and how important it is to be on schedule. All my conductors worked with me through all the problems I had and they were always a fast message or a phone call.

Cultures are all you get to know about quality. One of the nicest parts of my old jobs was the way I worked with them. They' re all themselves without filters and the funniest guys I ever worked with. Did these ratings help you find out more about working at Quicken Loans Inc.?

Quicken folks are great, but the lessons are long and you're asked a lot. It' has to be that way, because a lot is asked of you. Cultural activities have contributed to increasing my work morale, which guarantees my continued prosperity. And Quicken's doing a great thing about making us be at work.

Most of the times it felt more like home than work. In the first 6 month I was there of the almost 50 guys I began with there were less than 5 of us remaining. There is a great cultural scene and many of the filmmakers are honest and supportive. The Quicken Loans is a great place to work.

My lessons during my Quicken period at that moment did not merge with the dynamics of my ancestors. Deliver all the classroom instruction you need with a variety of different advantages and rewards. Zero lifebalance, only a few planned free day per year.

It was a great civilization! Many new technologies all the while using stunning humans!

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