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The Figure is a direct credit company that exclusively offers home loans. Naughty By Nature Tickets, Tour Dates 2018 & Gigs Founded in 1988, the Grammy Award winning US hip-hop group of East Orange, New Jersey, consisting of High School MCs Treach (Anthony Criss) and Vinnie (Vincent Brown), and DJ Kay Gee (Keir Gist), the hip-hop group that initially appeared under the name New Style, was founded in 1988 by Nature.

In 1991 the group's début record with the same title was released and featured the highly contagious top ten song "O.P.P.P.", which tried Jackson 5's "ABC". Just like his forerunner, Naughty by Nature's second 19 Naughty III was acclaimed by supporters in 1993 and also received gold. Recorded the song "HipHop Hooray ", known for its inevitable "Hey, Ho" vocals; the record became a synonym for the contemporary hip-hop lifestyle.

In 1995, the group's follow-up record "Poverty's Paradise" was awarded a Grammy for the best rap record despite a shortage of hitsingles and marks the leaving of the group from Tommy Boy Records. 1999 Naughty by nature came back with the record "10 Naughty Nine: Natures's Fury" and recorded the big song "Jamboree" with Zhané.

Mr Kay Gee left the group formally after the publication to concentrate on his own productions and then the band sang with TVT. In 2002 the group released the IIcons longplayer and successfully continued their careers in the new millenium.

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