Quicken Loans Lawsuit

Accelerate loan lawsuit

We hereby inform you that the above claimant has filed a suit or other legal action against you. Anything ( incl. the Trade Secrets Damages Awards ) is greater in Texas.

HouseCanary, a start-up company for information analysis, received $706 million in compensation from a Texas panel of judges on March 15, 2018 in its lawsuit against Title Source, a subsidiary of Quicken Loans. Title Source misused embezzled business information, such as HouseCanary's technological and valuation analyses, and violated both privacy and other arrangements between the notifying partys.

As Title Source engineering created the automatic evaluation system ("AVM"), HouseCanary claimed that they had used other IP rights, algorithm, analysis and propriety information without pay for it. Indeed, an e-mail from a Title Source representative encourages our peers to "think broadly about how we can maximise the value of HouseCanary information for our company.

However, the panel concluded that a combined loss of profit and the benefits that Title Source derived from the business secret justified $235 million in compensatory damage, but trebled the damage because it was due to intentional behavior, resulting in over $700 million in ultimate compensation.

SUMMARY: Faster loans against Franklin O. Roxas, Case No 14-CV-304

The Quicken Loans Inc. We hereby inform you that the above claimant has brought a claim or other remedy against you. You must reply with a request in writing to a copy of the appeal within 40 working days of 18 September 2014. That request should be addressed to the Tribunal at 1101 Carmichael Road, Government Center, Hudson, WI 54016-7708 and to Gray & Associates, L.L.P., the applicant's lawyer, at 16345 West Glendale Drive, New Berlin, WI 53151-2841.

Failure to request a copy of the appeal within 40 working days may result in the courts ruling against you on the allocation of funds or any other claim required in the appeal, and you may forfeit your right to appeal anything that is or could be wrong in the appeal.

Dates on this fourth date to September, 2014. At Gray & Associates, L.L.P. Gray & Associates, L.L.P. we attempt to recover a claim and all information received will be used for this specific purposes.

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