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It was a simple trial, the agent was professionally trained and the result was reasonable. All of the wisdom was astonishing, and even the brokers I worked with were amazed and pleased with the quality of communications, punctuality and collaboration of the teams I worked with. Thomas TJ was always talking to me because I was jumpy when I closed on the same date for both the property I had to buy and the one I bought.

Helps me overcome many of my anxieties. For me, he also checked "the numbers" in every possible way to get everything where I needed it, and he let Matthew Ferschneider from the credit staff also work with me to find some "quick solutions" for my credit, which also help with the cost.

And Kellee Edge was also great and kept me closed in good shape and was always willing to respond to all my queries. All in all, the whole teammate I've worked with has been extraordinary and I've already given her information to the broker I've worked with so she can refer her to!

I' m sure I will be recommending it to anyone looking for a mortgages lender! The trial was pretty easy. Our messaging system was deactivated the following day of the month after the real close date, so we were somehow kept in the dark about the real status of our project, except for the "in process" one, so that we were informed in the skies about the real data of the repayments, the credit payments, etc.

It is also surprising that we have obtained the cheques to repay the credits specifically obliging us to send them. My refinancing expertise was amazing from beginning to end! I appreciate his help in guiding me through the trial and completing my deal in the record timeframe. Many thanks also to Stephany A. Hernandez & Anthony in your graduation department, with whom you also enjoyed working together.

Love your website, it was simple to browse and kept me up to date on every move. I' d be delighted to pass on Chris and your firm Quicken Loans to anyone. Indeed, how I was able to work with Chris was from a recommendation of my girlfriend who had just completed her refinancing a few previous week and she was very pleased with her experiences.

Buying a home loan for a second home was made so simple with Quicken Loans. We have been led through every stage of the way from start to finish. I would say the Quicken Loans we had was the best ever one. It seemed so simple, safe and the representative (Mike S) told everything to my complete satisfaction...really, great work!

And Natalie was fantastic and fully rebuilt my trust with Quicken Loans. Last time I experienced it was the hardest and my home was virtually destroyed due to poor communications. I' d suggest Quicken Loans to anyone.

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