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I' m fixin' Detroit: The city, ravaged by the downturn, is building up its fortune stone by stone.

In 2000, Detroit was the tenth biggest US town with 1.8 million inhabitants. These days the number is 700,000, and empty roads bordered by empty and deserted houses are a striking reminiscence of the once blossoming city's bitter demise in recent years.

There is a mortgage giver behind the plan to turn the city centre into a flourishing turntable that will attract young alumni who have fled the state. Its 7,000 staff have moved to the area, and 80 to 100 stores and 100 eateries are talking about opening in Detroit's inner city.

And Quicken has also made an investment in an "incubator" for tech start-ups, which are now number 17. Growing up in a Detroit outskirts, Mr. Gilbert has also teamed up with other economic executives to make the bulk of the money available for a $140 million tram line in the centre of the town.

Two University of Michigan alumni who formed the Groupon Inc. newspaper dealing company - which quit Detroit to set up in Chicago - are just one example of the talents that have been missing in this area in recent years. In spite of Mr. Gilbert's Detroit investments and his Detroit visions, not everyone in the town fully supports his recovery plans.

A number of detractors have proposed that the redesign of the inner cities - which are home to a largely whites populace and generally richer than the impoverished districts of Detroit - create an "island of prosperity" separate from the city's blacks, who make up 83 percent of the people. There is clearly a scheme to reinvest in the inner cities, but there has been no municipal re-investment in impoverished dark quarters.

We are concentrating on the inner cities - we can make a real impact there," said Mr Gilbert. As the redesign creates safety workplaces and other lower positions in inner cities, mayor Dave Bing said Detroit needed investments in re-training and education for employees who had automobile or production work in the past.

Gilbert's dad and granddad had both companies in Detroit before much of the city's whites began to move to the outskirts 80 years ago, where there were state grants for acres. Elizabeth Rose sees these paintings as part of her early years in the sixties, when her dad worked as a mortgage banker in the First National Buildings in downtown, now a Quicken Loans property.

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