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Loans Quicken Mortgage Reviews

Quickken Loan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from www.quickenloans.com

Quick, effective, responsive, proffesional, stress-free and kind. Can' t see how it could have been any better if we had gotten our home loans. STUNNING EVENT! Quicken was completely astounding. My credit trial for my house buying started on August 24th. Steven was very supportive from the beginning, keeping me up to date on every trial and making it so easy and stress-free.

Rocket Mortgage's on-line mortgage bank accounts were comfortable and useful for staying up to date on everything that happened in the credit lifecycle and for downloading the necessary documents. As something had to be sent when I didn't verify my rocket mortgage "To Do Page" in time, she phoned to make sure I had received the alarm.

Even though the amount of elapsed with them was brief, they ensured that the final stage was a seamless one. The Quicken was the best ever Quicken was. Not a problem. Easy and quick. The one thing that caused a lot of mess is that while I had an credit quotation actively quoted by one credit consultant available to me, I was cold-set by another for a new mortgage enquiry.

Those phone records have helped me figure out what was going on. Finally, I was telling the new credit counselor that I already had an open credit with quality and simply continued to work with the initial credit counselor and the credit. In the past I had loans (refinancing) with AQL. Getting so coldly phoned, especially when I'm in the midst of a new mortgage with quality was an alarm, as if quality didn't have a chance to know who its clients were.

That number the new credit counsel phoned me on is in your system. My daughter-in-law, who works in banking, sent me to Quicken. When I heard how effective, instructive and very friendly the staff were, they were helping me all the way. I' ve been suggesting Quicken ever since.

And the whole procedure was fast and comfortable. Found a great real estate and we didn't want to let it escape and Quicken knew and help make it work. Straightforward conversation and fast, precise responses. Overall, we had a good record, although our assessment was below the required level. The QL executive team was looking for another way to conclude the deal.

Everybody was highly competent, courteous and answered all your queries quickly. Very quickly, very professionally and helpfully, all stages were explained, I had Sam Amen who explained everything clearly. Nothing to say about Quicken Loans. Professionally, very efficiently and very quickly. I' ve had an excellent Quicken Loans track record.

Geoff, my credit broker, was very handy in helping me through the IPO. He' been patience, and he's been checking me out all the way through the credit roll. They were all effective and accurate, so the event was quick and simple. It was a very proffesional and effective salesman. I' ll be recommending Quicken Loans to anyone looking for a refinance or a first mortgage.

It' been a very worthwhile one. Thanks, faster loan! Everything was quick and simple. Everything went quickly and easily.... I had not used bank balances that were disbursed during the re-if period, and thought Quickens was watching them to allocate funds properly for correct settlement and disbursement.

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