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"I' m not that far back," Woods said. Results will not be so low and it will be a hard week-end. It' gonna be over 100 and it' gonna be a long week-end, mental and physical. "Woods eventually got it to go on the Green Friday mornings, posting seven birdie cubs.

Starting the round at number 10, he wheeled in a 23-foot bird-ie puttingt o produce a small burst at 8:30. Two hour later he pull out his 60-degree chock and hit number 18 for bird-ie and then it was really time.

Some of the first nine hole were quite lonesome on Thursday afternoons, but they were full and noisy again, with Wood's loading and swinging. Wood's didn't really miss a single bullet through the next seven apertures. Forests beat a sure rapprochement to the middle of the greens and dewatered a 25-foot drum for his third birdy in four-holes.

Walking into a new TaylorMade Metal puttingter this past weekend didn't seem to resolve any of Woods Thursday's problems, but he said there was a big distinction. "Woods said, I felt great yesterday." And I wasn't dissapointed with the way I putt last night and that's just a sequel. "Woods still has a long way to go before he can hold his own on his back on the ninth Sunday.

It made a few errors at the beginning, with a couple of Bogeys on the first nine, and it failed some feasible bird-ie-puts. "I just have to keep pushin', keep trying to make birds," Woods said. "At the beginning of this year, the main change was that Woods is always giving himself a chance to stay low.

Anything seems possible with Woods, as long as he's more or less on the fairly. "I always think of birdies at every pit with him because he's able to make birdies from anywhere," said la Cava. It was T-11 and four rounds away from the Friday evening leading, nearer than it was in Bay Hill before a T-5 finishing at the week-end.

"Think I' m not so far from composing it that I can win," Woods said. There is nothing in the Gulf like a week-end with woods in mind. There' s so much about Woods' history about the past and an insecure one. "We' re hunting," said LaCava.

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