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In two weeks the credit process was completed and the closing took place at my kitchen table. Many thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think about us here at Quicken Loans.

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Meanwhile, the man who created Tiger Woods' TaylorMade Ardmore 3 Metal 3 putster thinks the 14-time Grand Master will soon be returning to his much-loved Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS sword despite his returns to shape on the Greens at Quicken Loans National. Wood completed an admirable performance on the greens across the weekend, grading tenth in stops - won put (4. 775) and ranked tied fourteenth in strikes per green in settlement (1. 66) for the weeks on the path to a tally for quarters at TPC Potomac - his third top-five by the end of the year.

However, despite the dramatic improvement for the former number one in the game, who led the top 100 of the USA's top 100 putters last weekend in stitching statistics, TaylorMade's long-time Clay Long said to USA Today that he expects Woods to soon move back to the puttingter with which he won 13 of his 14 Masters.

"When you have a relation to a putter, a good relation to a particular puttingter ms, and then you are always vulnerable to picking it up," said Long, TaylorMades former puttingter ritorial manager. "Someday he'll lift that Scotty Cameron putster up again and say, "Boy, that looks good.

" He also worked with MacGregor's giant response putster, with which Jack Nicklaus won the Masters in 1986. "99% of the time it has nothing to do with the puttingter itself," Long said. "Often you will change to another puttingter or a putt with a different line of vision to simply give you something to look at.

Sometimes this kind of just directs your registration or whatever it is that is bad with your placing, and sometimes you go back to your old putter once you get convinced and get your stop where you hit in line. "Woods is TaylorMade sponsor, but is not charged with using the brand's putter, although he has done so from today's point of view.

"Woods was pleased with it," said Woods about his new Ardmore 3, which is curiously one of the few occasions in his professional life where he used a hammer. "Woods will only be seen in Carnoustie in operation in two week's time when The Open at Carnoustie. It was Joel Dahmen who blamed his colleague PGA Tour Professional and Sunday game colleague Sung Kang for having cheated in the Quicken Loans National finals.

Kang scored his second goal on the tenth pocket and the Korean thought that his goal had passed, giving him a drip to the side of danger nearer to the pocket. Doemnic denies this faith by claiming that Kang's prom definitely did not pass the danger - and then the case erupted that led to a serious backwater at that pit, all of a sudden with four groups awaiting on the pit.

One PGA Tour rule officer came by and stood on Kang's side and he was able to fall on the side of danger nearer the pit, and he continued to win to conserve on his way to third place on his own and book his place in the Open Championship.

Stephen - who was playing with Tiger Woods on Saturday and remained undecided in place 23 in the tournament - was smoking. He went to Twitter to express his rage at the trial. "Said Kang cheated," said Kang Don, a carcinoma survivalist who made 14 incisions on the tour this year. "He' s suffered a heavy fall, a danger.

" It was a characteristic argument about where or whether he exceeded the danger," he added. Clearly, he didn't pass the danger. For 25 and a half minute we drove back and forth and he fell nearer to the grass. "Although the Golf 26-1/15 lateral water risk relief procedure allows a golfer to fall from the last point where the golf shot is in danger, Dahmen retains 26-1/21 example of a serious violation of the lateral water risk rule.

However, if the videotape doesn't prove that Kang is mistaken, the verdict of the officer who permitted Kang to take his drops will stand. Both the PGA Tour and Dahmen agents have not yet reacted to the commentary on the allegation, while efforts to obtain Kang have been wasted. CSN Mid-Atlantic says Tiger Woods' PGA Tour is still awaiting a cover sponsorship.

This 14-time great champ has had Quicken Loans on for the last four years, but he's still looking for pre-invent financing just a few short months before the start of the new year. Woods' tourney was hosted by AT&T for seven years before Quicken Loans took over. "Tiger Woods Foundation does not currently have a PGA Tour championship sponsor," said Richard Sullivan Junior, Congress President.

"That' s why the PGA Tour has made use of its right to cancel our investment arrangement with them for 2018 and 2020 while seeking a lead promoter for The National. "Woods' Mark Steinberg said to the Washington Post: "We' re looking for a cover DC sponsorship.

" PGA Tour 2017-2018 starts on October 5th at the Safeway Open in Napa, Calafornia. Both Rickie Fowler and Danny Lee have a story of mutual franking, and the skirmish between the two grew stronger in the dressing room outside the Quicken Loans National this weekend. Tight Fowler and Lee boyfriends are known to hang around parking lots and even airport parking lots, with their earlier antique look when Lee put a flask of soda in Fowler's rucksack without even realizing it when he walked through customs.

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