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Loans Quicken Refinancing Reviews

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When you want an easier quick way to refinance a new Quicken Loans mortgage, the quickest way is to go with the firm. Everyone is very kind and supportive. Had I known about the way Quicken Loans ran the store, I would have taken another one. You led me right through the trial.

Everybody we were dealing with was a very kind, uncomplicated person. I' ve purchased and funded houses several time in my lifetime and that was the best ever time! Thank you very much and I will continue to refer you to Quicken and reuse them myself! You make the whole procedure simple, fast and stress-free!

I am a regular client and will keep using Quicken for my mortgages needs in the near-term. Said she'd recommend Quicken to her prospective customers. Aaron and I worked together to get the trial going and he was really good at getting us in the right directions. Problem we had was getting our cheques after graduation.

Us were said that we would have our rebate cheque on completion, but we were said that on completion the cheques would be sent within 72 hrs, which is not what we were said. Monday we autographed and should get on Friday. On Monday we did not get a so-called Aaron and he did not know and gave us to another employee.

He had no clue why we didn't get a reception and gave us to an accountant and he couldn't help us and took us to Melissa in the company. And Melissa looked into it and gave us information about why we didn't get our cheques. Every check was made on Friday and sent to us, which is not what we were initially informed of.

On Monday we got the cheques at UPS, but we couldn't use the cash until Tuesday. It was a very disappointing experience, all on the computer or via mail. So we had to autograph our mails by mail and had problems autographing through E-Sign, again getting disappointed and then getting disappointed without the cheques to close.

Waiting 72 hrs and still not getting cheques was really disappointing. No refinancing will ever take place again in this area. Far too many problems and repeatedly forwarded to different persons to receive our controls after completion of refinancing on our premises. Really, it shouldn't be that difficult to refinance or buy a house.

It was such a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure. As my first mortgage banker, Ken Hull was extraordinary. Graduation was a piece of cake. It was so amazing how effortless it was and how much it hurt me.

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