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Accelerate Loan Rocket Mortgage Reviews

If you treat your employees like humans and not like robots, this is why the rocket mortgage was created. Missile Mortgages Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from rocketmortgage.com

I never had the feeling that I was alone in the trial from the trial that was totally on-line for me. Excellent communications from the Quicken credit squad. It was a great learning curve from the first time chatting to the telephone call to the on-line trial! So Nick went through all my credit lines clearly so that the right credit was made.

Everything was done on-line from that moment until the end. My on-line process was so seamless that I was able to quickly load the required documentation. So I was on a close timetable because I had gone through my bench to try to get this credit and it took them 3.

It was only 2 week with Rocket from start to finish. It was even simple to close... the nearer you get to your home, the less you have to go out to get this one. Documentation is on-line before further examination, which allows me to go through all the papers before I meet with the surrounding area.

I' d highly recommend Rocket Mortgage to anyone looking for a mortgage refinance credit or any other mortgage products! I' ve had a good time with Bob Rader and the Quicken Loans group. However, the overall working with the Quicken loans man working life was outstanding. All of them were great at work, especially when we found a little sip.

Purchasing a house can be exhausting, but the people at Rocket Mortgage offered a reassuring guide along the way. House purchase made simple. Had a simple house purchase procedure with Quicken. Your on-line ressources are great for keeping track of all the elements you need to get done. Streamlined, reliable and fast: Integrate on-line and people interactions for a quicker workflow.

I' m glad to know my credit is being served by the same agency. It was a simple and straightforward procedure. Keep all your documentation handy and it's simple. Rocket and acceleration loans were great. Great) Teamwork!!!!!!!!!!!!) Great) Teamwork!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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