Quicken Loans Schedule

Loan Quicken Schedule

Loan Arena Quicken closed for upgrade Quicken Loans Stadium is closing for the remainder of the year as work on The Q Transformation, the refurbishment and upgrading program for the almost 24-year-old stadium, will continue. Work on the first stage began on the outside of the Cleveland Ohio Cleveland stadium last February, and now that the Cavaliers NBA seasons are complete, crew members will also begin on the inside of the area.

Q will reopen in autumn for the 2018-19 Cavaliers and Cleveland Monsters season along with a busy calendar of events, starting with the Justin Timberlake Concerto on 2 October. And the first and clearest signal for the 2018 Sommerbauprogramm will be preparations for the teardown of the north bridge connecting the JACK Casino multi-storey car park with the Quicken Loans Arena.

Next weekend the viaduct will be dismantled for good. Q Transformation is a large refurbishment effort to upgrade the nearly 24-year-old Quicken Loans arena (The Q), which houses the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, AHL Cleveland Monsters and over 200 annual shows. Cleveland's Gateway District public open stadium is run by the Cavaliers group.

Cuyahoga County and the Cavaliers, which will modernize the site to retain its world-class standing, improve the fans excitement and further have a beneficial effect on the Cleveland town, municipality, neighbourhoods and area.

Q Transformation will prolong the Cavs leasing contract until 2034 and take an NBA All-Star Week to Cleveland.

Cavaliers Cleveland begins redesigning the Quicken Loans arena in February.

  • COLEVELAND -- Cleveland Cavaliers officials say a $140 million refurbishment will begin next month for Speed Loan Arena Loan projects. Officers say that the early stages of the scheme will be focused on the outside of the edifice and will influence the entrance and exit for supporters participating in matches in the stadium. Even the pattern of vehicles in the arenas will change and last until about mid-2019.

Cavs say that the extension of the northern side of the stadium will create an additional 3,948 m2 courtyard surrounded by a glazed fa├žade.

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