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The cheque was sent to us and we had to settle the bill ourselves, that was not our expectations. Every employee we met was simple and pleasant to work with. That was our third hypothec (second VA mortgage) with quick credits. It was a very simple job as always and we were led through the job interview procedure with excellent communication.

I' m going to be recommending Quicken Loans to anyone who needs a home loans or mortgages. This was a fast and simple procedure. This is our second refinance with Quicken loans. Quicken agent working with me, Mark Spehar, was competent, polite and very help. And the whole trial went well.

I' d give him and Quicken the highest possible score. At every stage of the way, my mortgages representative was insightful and sympathetic. As I walked through the trial, I felt very at home with each of the humans who helped me. I' d definitely suggest these Quicken loans. The work with Quicken was great!

Also I had a real estate agent who was kind to me but very hard and impolite to Quicken and the seller was real estate agent. Recommended Matt Isaacs to buy or refinance your home. You really get outstanding services. Amazing online recruitment system! Throughout the entire proposal and closure processes, precise, timely information was provided.

The Quicken employees made the trial work for us and made sure that we could finish the trial simply and with minimum interruption to our lives. Completion was at our discretion and was very fast and simple. Quicken employees were all very competent and always ready to help. Quickly get us informed about the Escrow refund via Quicken LED MISL!

Well it was good until two nights ago when I got an $67 Escrow refund cheque. I was informed while working on the funding that the escape from the mortgages we refinanced would come to me in a $1,950 cheque. So when I got the cheque (IN THE OVER TIME SHOCK), I was looking at the story of the mortgages we refinanced and saw that they had in fact put almost the entire amount of the escrow back into the credit - without me knowing that they did - so they left a $67 account.

This refund audit was one of the incentives to carry out this refinancing. He confirmed after two and a half day that they were incorrect to do that, but said he was sorry, but the loans are locked and there is nothing they can do. Mr Quicken demanded payout amounts shortly before a month's payout that rendered the query at least twice valueless.

Mr Quicken requested a zero balance on an equities line and then requested documentary evidence that the bank accounts had been shut down. I' ve used Quicken Loans more than once - because they're quick, straightforward, easy to edit, and they' re frank about what works best to achieve my objectives.

Answering times to queries were short. Run into some trouble during the payout and paid out a few of the credits card (wrong name spelled on the check). I' d like to thank everyone I worked with at Quicken. Quicken's lending has been the easiest mortgages I've ever had.

Everybody who was in charge of our credit was very useful and sympathetic.

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