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Loan Quicken Stadium

The Quicken Loans Arena will close its gates when work begins on the Q-Transform. The Quicken Loans arenas has now shut its gates for the sommer. Shania Twain's Saturday evening performance was the final performance at the location into the late hours of last year as work continued on The Q Transformation, the refurbishment and upgrading of the nearly 24-year-oldena. Work on the first stage began in February last year on the outside of the Quicken Loans Stadium (The Q), and now that the Cavaliers' NBA seasons are over, the crew will also start on the inside of the area.

Q will reopen in October, in good season for the 2018-19 season Cavaliers and Cleveland Monsters, along with a busy calendar of events, starting with the Justin Timberlake Concerto on October 2. And the first and clearer signal for the 2018 Sommerbauprogramm will be the preparations for the pulling down of the north bridge connecting the JACK Casino multi-storey car park with the Quicken Loans Arena.

Also on the southern side of the plant further building is going on. Whilst the areas around the stadium will be demarcated, the work on The Q Transformation has no effect on the supporters participating in the Cleveland Indians' home matches in the Progressive Field. Round-the-clock delivery of two EarthCam camera sets were deployed outside the Quicken Loans Stadium to deliver real-time streamed videos on the Q Transformation project's work.

Two cameras offer a panorama shot of the ongoing structure, a second provides a close-up of both ends of the stadium. TeQTranformation.com is now up to date with new renders and information about the Quicken Loans transform with FAQ's about the closure of the Quicken Loans Arenas for the 2018 sommer.

As the Quicken Loans Arena opens its gates again in October, supporters will be asked to "excuse our dust" as both the indoor and outdoor areas continue to work on the facility during the Cavaliers 2018-19 series. Q will be closed for all events in 2019. Following the completion of the transition in September 2019, the Quicken Loans Arena will be reopened for year-round events with the 2019-20 2019 campaign due to begin.

Q Transformation is a large refurbishment effort to upgrade the nearly 24-year-old Quicken Loans Arena (The Q), home to the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, AHL Cleveland Monsters and over 200 annual shows. Cleveland's Gateway District public open stadium is run by the Cavaliers group. Cuyahoga County and the Cavaliers, which will modernize the site to retain its world-class standing, improve the fanscape, and further have a beneficial effect on the Cleveland town, municipality, neighborhoods and area.

Q Transform will prolong the Cavs leasing contract until 2034 and take an NBA All-Star Week to Cleveland. Quicken Loans Arena transition will be complete by the beginning of the 2019-2020 NBA campaign. For more information and renders, visit TheQTransformation.com. Offering real-time live streamed videos, multi-pixel camera and business and consumer manageable solutions in more than 1,500 major urban centers in all 50 states and 46 nations, as well as 80 of the world's top 100 building contractors.

With EarthCam's know-how and experience, users have the opportunity to display, author and distribute live video anywhere in the globe, anytime.

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