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What's in the pocket? American' s statistics for the entire weekend were excellent. Together with his Nike blades, Wedges and five woods, his case consists of TaylorMade and Titleist rackets - he uses the TaylorMade 4 blade, TP EF blade wedding and Metalwoods.

When Stanley met the TaylorMade M1 rider in 2017, he imagined he would. What's in the bag?

The first PGA Tour title for Merritt goes to Quicken Loans National - Great Britain - Blog - Great Britain

Surely it was a week-end to commemorate for Titanic golfer shotoyalist Troy Merritt (Pro V1) at Quicken Loans National. Titanleist brand ambassadors Justin Thomas (Pro V1x), Bill Haas (Pro V1x) and Jason Bohn (Pro V1) as well as club football fan Carl Pettersson (Pro V1x) were part of a group of six T-4 finishers.

It was the first election at the Quicken Loans Nation with 76 golfers on the pitch who trust a Nitleist 1 or 1 player V1x progressive to succeed. Titanium balls were the field's first option. 116 golfers trusted a progressive 1 V or 1 Vx for their victory.

Titanium was also the favourite in the hybrid (29), working iron (27), iron (45) and key (214) classes. Titanium golballs were the first choice of 98 -player pitch for those who trust a V1 or V1x progressive. Titanium was also the favourite in the Iron section (42) and Titanium Vokey Design Wedges (163) lead the pack in the approach, clay and praise section.


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