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Cavalier Cleveland versus Utah Jazz. The LeBron James wins 45 points as a challange for Cavs and Pacers. James and James Harden performed outstandingly for the Cavs and Rockets and in the NBA Playoffs, respectively. Once again LeBron James demonstrated his celebrity qualities when his 45-point move brought the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 105-101 win over the Indiana Pacers in their play-off. While the Cavaliers have made it to the NBA finals in each of the last three relays, the Pacers have passed a tough test for them in the first lap of the post-season, balancing the standings at 3-3 early this weekend.

However, James was in inspiring shape at the Quicken Loans Arena on Sunday and also provided nine bounds and seven assist, with Cleveland providing for all but a brief third quarter spell. While Tristan Thompson doubled the cavs with 15 points and 10 planes, Victor Oladipo was an outstanding Pacers performance with 30 points, 12 bounces and six assist.

Next Cleveland will take over the top seed of the Toronto Raptors of the Eastern Conferences. Like the Houston Rockets, James Harden was in a similarly dramatic shape when James played the first semi-final of their Utah Jazz meeting, beating Utah Jazz 110-96. At the Toyota Center, Harden ended with 41 points, making seven strokes from the three-point area and 10 out of 11 on the free-throw line, as well as eight setbacks and seven assist.

Capela scored 16 points and 12 rocket board and Paul also contributed 17 points to the display. With Donovan Mitchell continuing his prolific performance to score 21 points for Jazz, as did little striker Jae Crowder, the host side never saw back after two moments.

New Metallica US-Tourdates announced

As part of their WorldWired tours, Metallica have released a number of US tours for 2018 and 2019. For the first truly decade, the 34-date run features the Metallica icon for the first Metallica show in 30 years, with Grand Forks, North Dakota. The US Metallica tours for 2018-2019 are as follows:

Meanwhile, James Hetfield of Metallica recently said that he would make his full-length d├ębut with an entrance in a correspondingly darker one. Metallica front man will star as "no-nonsense" Utah Highways patrol policeman Bob Hayward in Ted Bundy biopic Extreme Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. In 1975, after pulling Bundy over on a freeway, Hayward was the first sergeant to detain the mass murderer starring in Zac Efron's motion picture.

Joe Berlinger, who also co-produced and staged the Metallica documentaries Metallica, is the director: "After spending hundred of behind the scene time with James and the whole of Metallica, I saw his charm and strong physicality at first hand," Berlinger said in a comment.

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