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Quickly get a rocket mortgage: eminem will be on Monday at @nyjets vs @detroitlionsnfl game for the official coin. Quicken's "Rocket Mortgage" application is mainly performed online, resulting in significant savings in work and office space for Quicken Loans.

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Here is a look at the best and poorest Super Bowl advertisements.

THE NEW YORK (AP) - During the largest commercial stage of the event, there was a tenacious sense of humour and message about societal issues. For the most part, there was no sign of any slapstick humour, sex allusions, or breast knocking of a patriotic message. Following a split year, during the Big Game, recruiters worked long hours to convince the audience with entertaining, non-insulting notifications.

Here is a look at the winner and loser of the year' s greatest ad campaign. As always, Budweiser, the greatest advertisers during the match, did without the common whelps and plydesdales to present staff sending waters to places in need. "There is no clear messaging and it is not really interesting," said Kimberly Whitler, University of Virginia Associate Professor of Business Administration.

The Ram truck used a talk by Martin Luther King, Jr. to demonstrate their slogan "Built to Serve". "The advertisement, which was aimed at the fiftieth birthday of the address, showed good works. "Tim Calkins, Associate Director of the Kellogg School of Management in the Northwest, said Ram has been severely denounced for his place.

"UsingMLK to support RamTruck strikes is blatant and unreasonable for many to do. However, some thought that the ad was too frightening during a match that many kids saw. A previous part of this history wrongly related to the Ram trucks label, which is no longer associated with the Dodge label.

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