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Mr President, I do not want to get involved in the issue of climatic changes, but there are a few other things to say. The victims of the Great Patriotic War have had practically no influence on the exposure of the human race. Even the much greater 1918 flu pandemic loss (50-100 million, 3-5% loss) did not have a major effect.

Speaking of NMC, News says NMC head says nursing staff need to take early notice of concern to speed up FtP

According to the regulatory authority's chief executive, new legislative changes aimed at speeding up practical application will only be successful if registered doctors and nurses agree to concern about their behaviour and deal with new regulations at an early stage. Amendments coming into effect today contain a contentious new provision that will allow the Board of Care and Midwifery to address official reprimands to those who have violated occupational safety and health requirements.

Further new policy choices available to the regulatory authority are the agreement of practical limitations with the registrant - so-called company - or, for the least serious cases, the provision of personal consultation to the nurse and midwife. However, the changes will only reach their goal of accelerating the FtP if regulators are willing to embrace issues and declare their willingness to enhance their practices from the start, said NMC CEO and Registry Jackie Smith.

"You ( applicants ) must recognise that there are current problems, that there is acceptability. Ms Smith admitted, however, that the regulatory authority could issue alerts without the consent of the notifier - although the Nurse should have agreed that there were misgivings about her practices. Alerts are kept in the applicant's official records for 12 month and output when there are serious misgivings about past behaviour, but it is assumed that they no longer pose a threat to the general population - which means that "there is no reason to respond".

If an FtP panels currently finds that there is "no case to answer" because the person no longer poses a threat to the patient, there is no longer a label for their enrolment. In recent month, concern has been expressed that the new system could lead to the "unpaid" use of alerts and that they could penalise personnel in work.

"It is the regulatory authority that is sending a signal, because it is about trust in the job, the maintenance of a standard, and the general public has the certainty that we as a regulatory authority will maintain these standard. Precautions can take up to five years at the moment," Ms Smith said.

Acknowledging that some trade unionists had reservations about the use of alerts, which she considered to be "controversial", she said there would be a "healthy debate" in the first case. "We as regulators want regulators to fix where they can without going to a consultation, because there is this deal, recognition and acceptability that there is a problem," she said.

"Our wish is to really cut the number of consultations that we have," said Mrs. Smith, stating that the regulatory authority of the physicians who operated the General Medical Council for over a decade under the same law. Health Ministry estimations show that the NMC is likely to make savings of around 60 million over the next ten years due to legislative changes that involve a number of other reform measures, among them midwife oversight, mainly due to less expensive consultations.

It noted that the regulatory authority currently invests 20 million per year in FtPs.

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