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Accelerate loan celebrations being the number one lender. I' d be happy to leave nursing if I didn't have a mortgage. A NetBank in Microsoft, Intuit Software Marketing Pakts NetBank, the online banking group, wants to better serve small businesses by working with Microsoft and updating its Intuit contract. Consequently, in the 2003 Microsoft Money issue, the Atlanta-based company was advertised by placing its logos on the package and installing a NetBank symbol on users' workstations.

This symbol refers to a specific action that the banks offers to cash handlers. Redmond, Wash-based Microsoft will also promote NetBank in merchandising banners on the merchant side of the agreement. netbank also said it will continue its publicity with Intuit, which is selling Quicken financial newsletters, a competitor to moneys.

NetBank had similar agreements with Intuit for the 2001 and 2002 Quicken release. In addition, Quicken.com will place advertisements to promote NetBank. Since 2000, NetBank has worked with Intuit and Microsoft to a certain extent, completing the Open Financial Exchange certifications for the companies' programmes, which allow customers to upload their bank accounts information to the application.

NetBank entered into an arrangement in May with another Microsoft entity, its MSN gateway, for MSN Money section of the website to provide MSN Money information and link to the CNBC, also available at CNBC.com. Together, Money and Quicken are the two best-selling face-to-face financial services solutions in the U.S., and NetBank says the deal is designed to help it build its client portfolio cost-effectively.

Recent remarketing deals follow a series of takeovers last year by NetBank, which raised its account levels and opened up new opportunities for it in the mortgage markets.

Get your mortgage fully authorized online - the company.

Advance toward moving the overall mortgage licensing procedure on-line made an obvious jump forward last month and with the launch of the rocket mortgage of speed loans. As Quicken is the second biggest private mortgage financier in the nation, according to the Inside Mortgage Finance release. It says that its new products will allow the borrower to be fully authorized to buy or re-finance a credit in less than eight moments by entering some simple data on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

According to the conventional procedure, most borrower have to go through several steps: The mortgage agent will be consulted in person or by telephone, will give some essential information for pre-approval and will later supply salary slips, account statement, income taxes and other documents to obtain full authorisation. Rocket mortgage claimants only need to give a few personal information about themselves in order for the new Quicken mortgage application to be able to retrieve this information independently.

"The way we use our information and how much we can charge and do on-line is brand-new in the industry," said Regis Hadiaris, rocket mortgage leader.

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