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Untuit frees Quicken to concentrate on other areas. Intuit, an U.S. based financial services provider known for its Quicken and TurboTax financial services programmes, has announced that it has sold Quicken to H.I.

G. Capital, a privately held venture capital house, to focus its efforts on other areas. H.I.G. Capital is a large multinational venture capital and venture capital fund.

It has $19 billion in shareholders' funds under its belt and a diversified asset base of investable funds including venture funds, personal investments, residential property, residential property, residential property, residential property, growth equities, asset classes and more. Eric Dunn, general manager of Quicken, said that H.I.G. had chosen to buy Quicken from Intuit because the business firmly believed in Quicken's products and the company's objective of assisting individual clients in managing their financial affairs.

Munn himself was involved in the deal and was co-owner of the business. Recently, Intuit has not been able to spend the necessary Quicken effort, focus, or resource that the Quicken application requires. I hope H.I.G.Capital will be able to offer the help it needs for its success and growth.

Rapidens 2016's roadmap will continue unabated and the organization has increased its investment in telephone technical assistance for its offerings. Interesting to see how the business will evolve and hopefully expand under the guidance of H.I.G. Capital and which Intuit will focus its attention on the future.

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When Intuit heralded that it would be divesting Quicken in March 2016, Quicken executives needed a new technological endowment that would enable them to expand and develop a company that has been offering financial custom solutions for 30 years. Quick Deployment Fulfills Divestment Periods Quicken selected NetSuite OneWorld for its rugged features and capabilities, robustness, integration, usability and scaleability as it moves smoothly from a QuickBooks online interim deployment to a five-month deployment by October 1.

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