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Simple, convenient and affordable. Me and my husband had talked about refinancing, but we had postponed it over and over again. Accelerate Loans - 45 Reviews - Mortgage Banks - 1 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, United States - Telephone Number

I' ve had home loans to refinance many a time over the years, and never the lawsuit has gone so smoothly. The credit procedure began with faster credits. So I was directed to another agent who "oversaw" my credit. Just got an e-mail to finish my credit processing. Quicken just visited again to see if the rate had been improving.

Prices stated by Quicken for my California Junbo Refi Loan were at least..... Credit is paid - the keys belong to us and they came through with everything they said they would! And we were and we are very lucky that we used Quicken Loans! I' m still amazed how quickly they worked my mortgages!

They led me through every individual stage and took the opportunity to inform me about my creditworthiness. Your website is user-friendly and the opportunity to load your documentation is great because you can file your documentation as if your credit clerk were in front of you!

I just completed the first credit with Quicken. Now... I'm just waitin' for the loans to go down. Great time so far! I hope the remainder of the episode will be the same. Hold the line! I had my mortgage in less than a months and over the holiday too. The Quicken Credit support is flawless.

99% of the times the individual (Jonathan) who has my loans responds to the telephone immediately. It is very simple to follow and navigation, essentially a three-step procedure and well organised tab pages to inform the client about the credit state.

The upload of files is very fast. The success of a credit depends on both the client and Quicken. Both of us are proactive in my case and keep each other informed of the progress of the credit. Working with them for a whole months with any reassurances that the credit claim would go through. At the end they refused the credit because of a sell-off two years ago, although they knew about the sell-off before the credit was applied for.

Keep away from Quicken Loans. I' ll tell anyone who asks, and even those who don't, don't use Quicken. Terrible adventure of all time! Began the trial with them even though a gut instinct was not the right option. After reading a few reviewers about their low ball rate, I began to ask what would have happened if my rating had been low.

Afterwards all I got was a lipservice, voice mails and the transfer... just verified and my credit STILL says it is in progress.... I' ve asked them to retract my job 8 + time to 6 different persons. Absolutely NOT FAST! Quicken refill and I was thrilled! You' re having second thoughts, but the whole trial ended exactly as planned.

It' s really astonishing to see the uploading processes and the visible web-enabled documents. Quicken has raised the level of the transaction to a new level up to the point of closure and Loan Service. My wisdom is that they made my deals and it was the best wisdom ever. Only had a really poor experiance with accelerated lending this year as I tried to buy home this year.

It frightened me to stop the trial right there on the ground. That was the hardest thing I've ever experienced with a refi.... run away asap! UND they won't even give you real deals unless you give them $400 by bank transfer to get the trial started. Their interest rates are much lower than what quickened us, and they reacted quickly to every e-mail and every telephone call.

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