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Missile Mortgage by Speed Loan - Contributions In order to help personalize your site contents, customize and track advertisements, and ensure a safe and secure online experience, Web site uses cookie technology. Find out more, as well as the available controls: . They both know Cleveland will see star in the Quicken Loans Arena in 2022! We' ve sent some happy supporters to get first hand messages with a great V. I.

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Missile mortgage: United Business Strategy and Technology

I am Kris Frantzen, and I am a new product manager on Larry Edgar-Smith's Product Evangelism staff here in the United States. Most of my FIS career I worked as a product manager in a product management group focusing on lending solution for finance institutes from large central bank to small cooperative bank to CSD.

My main responsibility was to provide the best possible service to consumers. This included all facets of granting loans to consumers - mortgage included - and one of my main focuses was in the area of granting loans directly to consumers. That doesn't mean that a small Florida cooperative or joint venture will become our currency exchange through the use of our loan origination tool, but there is no need why the expertise that this finance company provides to its depositors and employees, whether directly or implicitly supported by our technologies, cannot match or surpass that of a major banking group.

So it is through this objective that I look at the universe and in particular the advertising at this year's Super Bowl (of which my dear eagles were not a part... once again) which introduces Quicken Loans rocket mortgage. Such a Quicken range of products is not unexpected. Surely they have the resource - their US mortgage income shares are only with Wells Fargo and Chase.

Quicken has long since presented itself as more of a technological enterprise than a mortgage bank. If it provides actual permits to future borrowers in 10 mins and shaves as much as 10 days off a default mortgage closure lawsuit, the Rocket Mortgage makes what is a fairly complex lawsuit look very easy to users.

This is the actual trick - to make the complex look look easy. Naturally, it took five years and a minimum of 450 persons to turn the concept into reality. But we don't just have to admire the rocket mortgage, as if Quicken (if you will) had shot to a place in the sky that is out of reach of the remainder of us.

The rocket mortgage isn't rocket science. No, as impressing as it is. The " Anywhere, Everytime " connection allows the user to link to your bank and range of products through the best suited TV set and equipment, and can move the TV set smoothly when needed (from a tray to a call centre).

Providing an offer that rationalizes the development cycle requires a fully coordinated production approach and processes that are free of technology or engineering obstacles. Even when looking at our lending solutions, it is clear that we offer the loan industry an enormous basis. The Virtual Capture offers accountholders a mobile/online adventure that is not run as a stand-alone on-line app, but as an integral part of the entire loan origination team.

Comprehensive ( and expanding ) third vendor integration libraries, known as "connectors", enable joint clients to share information from other sources as they work within lifecycle management module, making the experience leaner and more effective for everyone concerned. Quicken's greatest advantage is the above mentioned core elements, especially the last ball, as the same home is shared between the Quicken entity and the IT team.

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