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Missile Mortgages Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from rocketmortgage.com Ease of processing made the whole thing easier. It was surprisingly fast and smoothly from beginning to end with Jeff Trenta and the remainder of the group. I do not hesitate to suggest to refinance with Quicken. One thing that sticks out through the trial is how well Rocket Mortgage remained in communicating with us on a periodic basis.

The Rocket Mortgage personnel was also easily reachable by telephone when we had a query and called back in time. Things that felt like a personality note made a big difference in navigation through the different stages of the game. In the past, we have looked at mortgage lending in conventional banking and found that Rocket Mortgage is a more virtuous circle.

You' ve been swift, effective, thorough, polite and professionally. Exceptionally professionally and at a high standard throughout the entire communication chain. It was all done quickly and easily. Only thing that hindered our trial was the former bench. Shop around for refinancing deals, and give Rocket Mortgage a try. Once I have submitted my information on-line, I have someone call me and begin their seamless conversation to rip you off and make you happy.

With a long history brief, they can't hit what other lenders are offering and try and get you to generate over the telephone without being able to fully explore your mortgage. If you can actually get them to e-mail you about the conditions of the loans they are trying to negotiate with you, it doesn't fit what they described on the telephone and doesn't look nearly as good as the few points they emphasized on the telephone.

It was not complex and ran relatively smoothly, it is irritating to be compelled to conduct a poll about the services at the final desk, or the loans would not be funded and then received e-mails to conduct further polls. Quicken doesn't get a trust that's easy.

This was a very complicated procedure because our house and our property were in a rescindable livelihood, we cannot be the only ones who have established their property in this way. Professionally conducted processes by competent, courteous staff. There were charges that were not reported to us, and a second rating given by Quick Loans took about 3 week, and when it came back significantly higher than the first rating, nothing happened!

Uncertainty also arose between the different groups within quickenloans when we were said that the valuation assignment was still outstanding while the real valuation was taking place literal. Said to us that no one had taken the order, and we said to them that the order had been taken and had already been carried out.

Rocket Mortgage's biggest challange is how to make a difference. Though we didn't work with him as much as Andrew did, Chase was certainly no less professionally concentrated. During the whole trial I always expected a kind of capture, a kind of problem, especially when it happened at the last moment.

Your staff is so competent, so competent that there were no problems. With Rocket Mortgage, my only pity is not having the words to really convey my esteem and thanks for the stunning professionality. Rocket Mortgage's biggest challange is how to make a difference. Missile mortgage... WELCOME! However, after a lot of research it became clear that Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage had the most experiences and by far the most favorable ratings...so I stepped in.

Communications (email, text, phone or on-line messaging board) were outstanding and the whole proces was fully transparant. All Quicken personnel... GREAT JOB and THANK YOU!!!!! The Quicken Rocket Mortgage made the whole buying procedure of a house hassle free from pre-approval to completion.

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