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After using this application for a while, I can say that it is a shoe-in to replace Quicken. GnuCash was a very good choice for me when it created a very sturdy GnuCash ... and worked perfect from the git-go. It'?s a great game. I used Quicken.

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in the development of this outstanding monetary programme. However, marvelous, with nearly 8 years of dedicated bookkeeping in an easy-to-use, rugged, easy-to-use keypad, easily customizable reporting, ease of printing for the woman really is great!

It' s an intuitively designed user experience, it' s a great work flow, it' s a great quality application, and I have to say this is one of the most sophisticated, thoughtful, easy to use, yet profound enough to do what you'd expect from finance applications I've ever seen. I' ve said this before, but I'm glad to say it again...as a long-term [but now ex-] Quicken user, & GnuCash user [now ex-] for ~a year, I think KMM is just *fabel*.

I' ve been evaluating most of the free funding available on Linux and found that the function I asked for is in many of them. Being a long standing Quickbook player who also tried GnuCash, I was desperate to find a Linux financial application that was good enough to get rid of Windows.

A lot better than Quicken Personal Plus 2009 on Vista or XP. To make things even better, it was importing my 3 year old Gleucash without missing a beat! I' ve never worked with Quicken on Windows. At last I have a substitute for the very last program that requires me to keep the M$FT on my disks.

I' ve been using Microsoft Money for more than 12 years and have a giant database that contains every single deal of about 10 open bank account and about 12 additional bank account that have been shut down. The M$ Money has done this quite well, although over the years several issues have occurred that have always been resolved by buying and updating to the next one.

However, we still haven't fully migrated to Linux, but for that very reason we have a binary boat setup and booting into Kubuntu just to do our accounting. How much more evidence could you wish that we really appreciated this one? Hello folks, I've just created the latest development of CVS and I'm very excited.

Recently I started using the 0.8 release. I' m using it for all my own financial needs (and have been for a few years), and I'm happy that I don't have to buy the inflated, commercial sofware and operating system to get by. Really, I had to avoid the enforced upgrade that Quicken included for easy things like looking up share prices.

Thanks for this programme and continue to beat the commercially available spyware! Sincerely yours to all who are working on this great programme which surpasses the 5 - 0 ! business things. Thanks, I just uploaded one of the major bank balances, and the final account balances to M$ Money. Can' imagine switching to another accountancy programme.

I' ve just begun using this tool and it seems to be very useful. It is the simplest operation I have ever found and comes as close as possible to the fact that I have all the features of Micro$oft Geld that I have used before. And it was also the very last thing I needed to remove Windows as the main operating system on my notebook!

At last I was able to substitute Quicken, the only Windows app I used on a regular basis. Thank you for the great programme. MSS Money was the last tool that made me start Windows from time to time. It'?s a programme I like. Its user-friendliness in comparison to MS Money or others allows me to actually use it.

" "Congratulations on an amazing show. I' ve been using MS/Mey for years, but always wanted to change to something I could use under Linux (wine has never liked making so much money). Amazingly, this is my first ever monetary management software.

I just do. Whilst commm is a great programme, half the value is the wonderful lavish assistance you give on this docket. "l "l loved this Linux version of the game. It was my life saver to make a complete transition to Linux at last and not have to run Linux without having to do so. So far, not having such an app was the only thing that bound me to the Windows mailbox in my home.

It' my favourite programme (financing or otherwise). It is much more intuitional and easy to use in many ways than Quicken. I' m happy that there is something between inserting information into an OpenOffice table and GNUCash. Had I the capability, I could say frankly that the programme meets every need I might have.

Where' s this great programme been? I' ve at last found another thing that will reduce my dependency on Windows. I' m changing from MS Money now). Enjoying creating my own customized report and having the liberty to use this application with spread sheets.

I had to struggle with the date style because of some atrocities within Quicken, but otherwise the Quicken things I imported went very well. A few things took me a while to get used to an Interface other than Quicken, but now I think it's much better and much more simple. It' s used every day and I also have the feeling that it is much better and much more easy to use than Quicken, GnuCash or any other ledge game.

Last week-end I was helping my friend set up Microsoft Money, my first use of the software, and I was amazed at how difficult it was to use it even to access basic information. I' m a refugee from MS Money and have been looking for this programme for some now. "If I know Linux better, I'll try new things.

I' ve been using MS Money for about 3 years and have been looking for a good old solution for some time. Zero Owner's Guide that comes with the retailer and found a short comments, and then I went to Google and now I'm here. "I' m an eight-year-old vet operating system operating system user.

The thing that kept me the longest bound to m$ was my use of Quicken and Turbo Tax. Some years ago I tried several of the other open code and/or commercially available bookkeeping tools. By the way, I haven't used Quicken in a few years. In the last year and a half, the continuous improvement, appearance and function of the programme have made it a true delight.

Their answer to trouble is fast. I' ve noted that if the application currently does not add a certain feature, you are open to it. Many thanks to all of you for your hard work in making this a truly world-class programme. Many thanks for the apparent amount of work you put into this application.

" "I' ve moved my Quicken and Wine banking account and I' m about to move the investing account. It' s great to get a KDE substitute for Quicken at last. One ( after you tested some other similar softwares, like budget, grizzly, jgnash, etc.) and I think you did a great job...."

"Recently I made the move to Linux, and I have to thank you for creating such a great fund. It' exactly the kind of finance piece of code I was looking for. "I have to thank you for the great piece of code you've created! "Hi, thank you for your effort in the development of this programme.

Could I say it is such a great application that I just wanted to use it to install it! It' s just the way you wanted it, the simplest thing out there in your pocket. "Congratulations on this good programme. {\a6} (woman did the budgeting on her MS lol with MS lol cash - now I have full command... yeehaw)".

As so many others, I have used many years of commercially available softwares, but I changed to Linux last December and have never regretted it. Even though my system is still multi-boot, I only use Linux. Originally from Turkey, my girlfriend still uses commercially available softwares to let webcam/sound (MSN) communicate with her family in Turkey.

When this becomes real, I can get rid of all the commercially available stuff. So I used alternative methods like gnu cash, but I didn't like it.

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