7 Survey 7 The quickness of the words We are told by God that God is our God and that God is our God. 2 Epis ode 2:1 says to us that we are inherently spiritual and that when the New Birth wonder happens, we will be reborn through the accelerating work of the Holy Spirit. From 1 Peter 1:23 and 2 Peter 1:4 we also learned that the Word of God is the tool of the Holy Spirit "so that through it you may partake in the Godly nature...

"; it is the "seed" of the new way of living that is let fall into our soul and makes us "alive to God".

The Christian is one who is reborn (John 3:3,6,8) and receive the new Lord's resurrected being ( John 1:12-13). The Holy Spirit, through the words of God, inspires us in our desire to prayer and leads our prayer. This is the inherent Holy Spirit who invites us to prayer and to illustrate this turn to Acts 9:9-11.

It is the first practice of the new way of living - see Luke 18:13. Remember how much the followers needed this acceleration when they were in Gethsemane - look at Matthew 26:36-44. Through God's words the Holy Spirit inspires us when we run the risk of becoming limp, blunt and negligent.

Look what Psalm 71:20 says where the keyword "again" is. We need the accelerating work of the Holy Spirit in such periods to rebuild our loving and determined devotion to the Lord. Through God's words, when we are in servitude, the Holy Spirit inspires us and liberates us.

Jesus the Lord Himself, from the throne, is the great deliverer, as we have learned from John 8:36; but He delivers us through the work of the Holy Spirit in our life, as we have learned from Romans 8:2, and the working instrument is the work of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit, through the words of God, teaches us the way of justice and empowers us to please God.

Often the resurrectionist in Psalm 119 will pray that God will show him the right way and empower him to do so. Through God's words, the Holy Spirit pulls us away from earthly life and puts our mind and affection on things above. Look at Psalm 119:92-93, where the author actually says, "If God had not speeded me up, if I had been in troubles, I would have died.

God has given me wings, and He has done so through His Holy Spirit. We should always turn to the words of God. 1. "Be full of the Spirit." Ephesians 5:18; 2: "Let the words of Christ abound in thee".

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