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improve creditworthiness

Improving your credit rating An overwhelming number of top credit cards are restricted to those with impeccable credit records, while mortgages may even decline to accept you as a client if you have too many badges against your name. That' s why we have developed a 10-step credit enhancement program to give you exposure to all these market-leading transactions. One copy of your credit record can be ordered on-line for 2 pounds from the sites of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. For example, if you have had a County Court Judgement (CCJ) that is now done, make sure that the comparison is entered in your credit record.

Otherwise, please go to the courts to obtain confirmatory information and notify the credit bureaus. On the other hand, if your credit history shows a delay in paying, you should know that you can place a correction notice that explains the reason for any backlogs. If it is only a few day too early, only an outstanding balance can affect your credit rating.

A number of delayed payment transactions can really affect your evaluation. However, getting all your invoices settled on schedule for 12 - or even 6 - month should have a beneficial effect, so it's a good practice to create debit or standing orders for your budget invoices and finance transactions to make sure you don't fail.

When you have a very volatile finance story, you might well believe that there is no point in trying to upgrade your credit rating. Keep up to date with your payment as soon as possible and then keep up with them, and your score will increase within six month.

The reduction of the amount you owed on credit lines, current account credits and loan will quickly help increase your credit rating, while all credit line debt is kept below 30% of your credit line. For example, if you make more than the basic credit payment, you'll be better off with them.

Refused credit card, consumer loan and mortgage requests will be noted on your credit record and may further affect your ability to be approved in the near-term. For example, if the business is a leader, you are unlikely to be qualified unless you have a fair credit rating. A key factor that finance firms take into consideration when assessing your creditworthiness is how much credit you already have.

Whilst you certainly do not want having too much credit available, not having credit or loan can actually work against you even as creditors are looking for evidence that you are able to make refunds. A good administration of all your subscriptions, e.g. 12-month subscriptions, can have a beneficial effect on your creditworthiness.

A number of credit builders credit cards are also available that have been developed specifically for this use in the industry. In order to have the greatest influence on your credit rating - and avoiding to pay sky-high interest fees - you must fully offset your credit balances every single months. As soon as you have completed all the above described procedures, your credit card should start to look quite good.

Among the offerings currently available that could be within easy reach once your credit file is in order is the Marks & Spencer credit line, which gives new clients 0% on purchase for 15 month, as well as a generous reward system and a prestigious annual percentage rate of charge of 15.9% (variable). We are free, independant and offer comparisons of all UK credit and debit codes and offer exclusives you can't get anywhere else.

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