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Shall I use my broker's mortgage broker? No single right way to obtain a mortgage exists, but the number of possible ways makes it a little overpowering. Real estate brokers are often very interested in you using their internal mortgage broker because they can have revenue goals to present them with a monthly baseline number of clients.

You will also deserve a charge if you decide on the internal consultant, which is why they can be intrusive. In general, independents are more focused on providing asset and retirement planning services than on providing mortgage loans, and are therefore likely to direct you to another advisor in their practice who specializes in providing mortgage loans - or in some cases to another mortgage broker practice in general.

Courses they indicate are also the best buying ratios and not necessarily the one you would receive in person from the creditor once you have submitted your application. After all, you can go to your local savings and loan association - almost all of them still have a few branch offices - but you can take out a mortgage either in person, on-line or by telephone.

On the other hand, they will only tell you about the mortgages they offer though and have no obligation to tell you about lower rate available from another Bank across the street. In order to give you a little more information, we have asked a specialized mortgage provider and a broker to give you their opinions. The challengers, The Mortgage Laender, Pete Thomson, responds:

Hitting the headlines down to your high streets bench to find the best mortgage deals have long gone, not least because of chain store closings. It is not strange that you get different kinds of advices from those around you. It is also worthwhile to look beyond the main road to the new and specialised creditors.

In the past year, the level of mortgage loans of smaller professionals has increased tenfold compared to bank interest rates as more and more borrower seem to recognize the value of these specialized providers of credit. There are two things you should know before choosing a broker: whether they calculate a commission for their counsel and whether they are able to provide guidance on the entire mortgage business.

How much you can economize will depend on your circumstance and the amount of credit, but there are big economies in terms of making money each month and charges by using a broker. E.g. if you have a 25 percent investment, are self-employed and are looking for a two year mortgage, the Newcastle Building society provides a 2.20 percent mortgage ratio.

Halifax does, however, offer a two-year flat installment at only 1.24 percent through the brokernet intrinsic brokernet. And even if the prices offered look good, you don't expect to be qualified. Best prices are only available to those who satisfy the lenders' requirements, and without understanding these requirements it is not possible to tell if you will be eligible.

The creditor offers a selection of one. A few estate agencies, especially real estate agencies, only work with a small selection of creditors.

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