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CDMA announces payment day for credit allocation End order

In order to enhance pricing war between payday lenders and auxiliary lenders, the CMA has announced its definitive appointment on the payday credit markets. CMA''s latest order calls for online daily payers to disclose product detail on at least one comparative pricing website (PCW) approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under its new regulations.

The CMA in its concluding memorandum suggested that the FCA introduce supplementary PCW payment day lending standard, obliging it to give clients clear, objectively and comparably information on all possible credit charges, in particular the overall amount to be paid, and to allow clients to make comparisons between different credits by looking readily for key characteristics such as credit amount and maturity.

The order also stipulates that lenders must make a synopsis of credit costs available to current clients on the Internet and in the main streets. It will tell the borrower what the overall costs of their last credit were, as well as the accumulated costs of their credit with this borrower over the last 12 month and how long the reimbursement will affect their credit costs.

EZV takes to implement our other suggestions in the concluding report: Cooperation with the CMA is expecting the mandate and current work of the FCA in this area to intensify competitive forces on the markets for the borrower's advantage. CMA is the main UK anti-trust and anti-trust agency.

As of April 1, 2014, it assumed the role of CC, Office of Fair Trade and certain competitive and user roles under the terms of the 2013 Act. Subscribe to our e-mail notifications to be informed about market cases.

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