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Seven percent of existing debtors may not have easy credit facilities - an amazing 70,000 of them. Those are individuals who would probably have been in a much more serious position if they had been given a loan. "For those who take out payday mortgages, they should be able to lend cheaper from today, but we also make sure that those who don't take out these mortgages don't really get them," he said.

Thus, as of today, the payday loan installment will be at 0.8 percent per annum of the amount you borrow. In addition, no borrowers will repay more than twice what they have lent and anyone taking out a loan for 30 working days and paying it back on good terms will repay no more than 24 in dues and fee per 100 pounds of money lent.

However, this means that those who are not able to pay back are discouraged from taking out such credits. The FCA in July 2014 assessed that the upper limit on prices would mean that 11 per cent currently borrowing would no longer have payment day loan facilities.

Based on these figures, it was said that many creditors have already shut down and that the amount of funds learned last year has dropped significantly. Had the upper limit been lower, we would be risking not having a functioning single European exchange, not higher, and there would be no proper safeguards for borrower.

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Following an impartial Bristol University issuance survey carried out on its behalf, the authorities rejected the concept of a ceiling on loan costs. The Commission came to the conclusion that the evidences did not'clearly' show that interest rates limits'would lower the costs of taking out a loan for the consumer, in particular for people on low incomes'.

Research included home loan, mortgage loan business, retailer payday loan origination (performed in-store) and onlineayday loan origination. "It is clear that, at a juncture when British budgets are under unparalleled pressure, there is a need to tackle the serious drawbacks identified by the study.

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