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Shall you shut down unused credit cards?

Your credit record may be littered with delayed payment because you were running out of money or ( accidentally) a few day too late on a few months' payment. No matter what the predicament, there are a few things you can do to help your credit histories get better - it just takes some rigour, timing and perseverance. Reducing the outstanding debts Too much debts are a symptom that you are overworked. Transfer all credit cards to an appropriate transfer credit line and then repay this amount as soon as possible!

This means always making the payments on schedule and staying below the credit line. While you will be hearing that it is critical to make the minimal monthly payments in each and every credit line round, try to go beyond that by making the total amount payable every single months, you can help yourself to avoiding interest costs that can be particularly high on a credit line for poor credit.

Shall you shut down not used credit cards? Maintaining open credit cards that have not been used can actually be an advantage. The credit utilisation is a measurement of how much you have taken up in relation to your credit limit. A lower credit utilisation is better because it indicates that you are not working to capacity or under financial pressure - you still have room to lend.

Often, the most worthwhile credit cards are only available for those with good/excellent creditworthiness.

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