Reconstruction Loan

Reconstruction loan

Energy sector emergency loan for reconstruction. EPS: Reconstruction emergency loan for the energy sector EUR 100 million loan to Electroprivreda Srbije to fund the upgrading of heat and hydroelectric power stations and the upgrading of the power grid. Its objective is to fund the refurbishment and modernisation of heat and hydroelectric power stations as well as the refurbishment and modernisation of the power grid. It would help stabilise the power supply system by enhancing dependability, enhancing generating capacities and reinforcing institution and sectoral governance.

The Group is organised as a single parent with 24 operating subsidiaries in the fields of electricity creation, transfer and redistribution, grid operation and mining. The EPS is in charge of 95 percent of the entire electricity generated in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and, with 63,000 staff, is the biggest corporation in the state.

This loan of 100 million will be used to fund senior investment from 2001-02. At the same time, donor grants from the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) and the World Bank will fund immediate measures for repair and upkeep. Given the diversity of investment to be funded under this loan, a number of environment related questions need to be tackled.

This includes: atmospheric pollution; production and discharge of wastes ( mainly ash); use and discharge of waters; storing, managing and disposing of dangerous materials (e.g. oils); workers' questions of occupational hygiene and security; related aquatic resources policy; impacts on fishing and aquatic ecosystems; losses of habitats and impacts on neighbouring areas (new developments); optical impacts (new communication lines); information and consulting of the general public in particular on new trends.

Aimed at improving the dependability and effectiveness of the electricity system, the programme offers the possibility to substitute old installations with more effective technologies, reduce loss and reduce possible impacts on the environment (air pollution, leaks and spills from substations, etc.). An initial IEE is required before a single component is assigned to a specific type of screen (or different types for different components).

For information on how to file a claim, please refer to the Project complaint mechanism page.

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