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Funding of home ownership Mortgage loans

They can refinance your French mortgage to get a better interest rate, reduce your monthly payments or switch to a pure interest loan. Benefits of the uniform underwriting standards of the Nigeria Mortgage Refinancing Corporation Nigeria's residential shortage is thought to be around 17 million. One of the main reasons for this shortfall is the non-availability of long-term financing in the residential area. To provide the residential property industry with cash, the Nigeria authorities, together with certain stakeholders' banks, founded the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Co. ("NMRC").

NMRC's mission is to give mortgage credit organizations easy long run financing at an accessible interest cost, so that mortgage loans can be granted by these organizations to Nigerians at longer maturities and more accessible prices. Providing longer-term mortgage services is anticipated to enable the working middle-income citizen of Nigeria to buy a home and comfortably afford it.

To fulfil its mission, the RMRC has published the Uniform Underwriting Standard ('UUS') for credit institutes. UUS was established by the NMC RC to establish industrial mortgage credit standard for eligible borrower eligible for NMCR funding, thus improving accessibility to home financing. Criteria for Mortgage Loans: Qualified mortgage credit ("ML") can be used to fund the acquisition of an established home or to refinance an established mortgage credit.

Lending available to debtors ranges from a minimal amount of N 1,5 million to a maximal amount of N 50 million. With regard to the duration, the ML must be at least five years and a maximum of 20 years at the point in MRC refinancing. Mortgagors under a qualified ML must be 21 years of age and the requisite limit must not be more than 10 years up to the statutory pensionable age. 3.

Borrowers' equity/down payments should be between 20% and 50%, dependent on the value of the real estate for which the ML is required and the borrower's job situation. Ceiling house costs should be between 20%-35% of the borrower's earnings, while overall indebtedness4 should not be higher than 33.

It was intended that the object should be appraised by a licenced and impartial appraiser who is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers. Collateral needed on the real estate is a senior juridical mortgage. A mortgage object must have a good right deed and be covered by insurance on behalf of the Mortgagor to meet the costs of replacing or restoring the object with the Lender known as the First Deficit Payer.

In order to be eligible for RMRC funding, the ML supplier must be licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Primary Mortgage Bank or Deposit Money Bank ("Lender") and be a licenced participant in the RMRC with a participation of at least N 100 million. Furthermore, the lender must conclude the master funding, purchase and maintenance contract on an annually per annum base and have an impartial credit assessment.

Now and then the NMCRC sets accepted benchmarks. CNRC Abstract of funding criteria: Taking into account the funding of an ML by means of the NMRC, the lender assigns all its economic shares in the ML to the NMRC. 3. ML are backed by a dedicated bond in favor of RMRC in accordance with the conditions of the collateral certificate, the value of which must not be less than 125% of the value at the date of funding.

NMRC will periodically revise the UUS under current mortgage pricing and mortgage pricing developments. Finally, we believe that the launch of the UUS is commendable and hope that its implementation will enhance efficiencies and reduce the regulatory and operating risk associated with mortgage credit, as well as helping to ensure cash flow in residential financing in Nigeria.

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