Refurbishment Loan

restructuring loan

Do you have to finance a real estate renovation project? One of our promotional loans will give you the necessary financial injection. This loan is based on the gross development value (GDV).

Loans for the renovation of new and existing buildings

Refurbishment loans provide financing that can be used to refurbish a new or old home. Modifying the inside of a real estate object can help you improve its value, sellability or rent yield. Usual renovations involve altering the inside or the addition of additional storeys and rooms to an already standing one.

A buy-to-lease investment firm can calculate an increased rent by renovating the real estate. In addition, when the real estate is disposed of, it will probably be more valuable because of the improvement made. Renovation work does not require a building permit or larger work. Frequent renovation projects include the installation of a new galley, new baths, floors, sanitary facilities, electrical systems, plaster and decoration.

Lighting reforms relate to work that does not need a permit or large-scale work. That means that you will not alter the appearance of your evolution and it will not concern neighbors. Severe demolitions will bring more changes to the structure of the real estate and possibly to the outside of the house.

Therefore, they must be checked for construction permit and regulations, as they can affect the room and lighting of your neighbors. How much does a renovation entail? We have several expenses associated with a renovation loan that can help you get started: Considering the price of some renovations, it can be difficult to afford them out of your own pockets.

Considering the value that an expansion or refurbishment can bring to your home, it can be worth it. Therefore, you can request a restructuring loan because you know that the prospective gains exceed the necessary investments. With over 80 years practice in industrial and private real estate, we have assisted a number of UK development and corporate clients in financing refurbishment projects.

Our appreciation for the difficulties and the length of time it takes to apply for real estate financing from major credit ors and credit institutions. It is our pleasure to be able to provide you with a quick and effective assistance to help you obtain the financing you need to refurbish your real estate. All our refurbishment credits are protected against the real estate you are refurbishing.

From £150,000 to 2 million, we can put at your disposal funds that you can use for your renovation needs. It is always in our interest to know what your intentions are for a particular piece of real estate.

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