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Cash-Key is a debit-prepay parking system designed for use in regions where mortgage interest rates, which can be purchased by the key holder at any time, require additional time. With this calculator you can estimate what your monthly payments would be for a certain loan amount, interest rate and mortgage type.

Regional mortgages will be converted into Fidelity's mortgage service pack.

The Fidelity Information Services (Fidelity), a department of Fidelity National Financial, today announces that Regions Mortgage has successfully concluded its transition from more than 265,000 mortgage mortgages to the Fidelity serving system on time and within its budget. "That system and soft ware migration was the best organised and administered migration I've ever seen," said Al Hethcox, senior VP of Regions Mortgage.

"The Fidelity sector earns the credit for being very good at converting. "If I were to tell any potential customer that I believe Fidelity employees are dedicated to delivering superior levels of customer satisfaction, continual improvements and the value of excellence that they have shared with us in the regions," said Hethcox. In December 2002, Regions Mortgage, a division of Regions Bank, entered into an exchange contract to migrate to Fidelity's full Mortgage Servicing Package and embedded client/server solution.

In order to minimize down-time and its potential effect on regional clients during the transition, committed and experienced regional Mortgage and Fidelity convertion crews designed and implemented an Aggressive and thorough roadmap for execution. "For several years, Regions Mortgage has been a leader in service delivery because of its success in the industry and its talented team," said Hugh Harris, Mortgage Division Chairman of Fidelity Information Services.

"Areas and Fidelity were involved in this transition. The regions provided a committed and competent workforce to work on this programme, and Fidelity has a wealth of expertise from years of success. "Regions Finance Company is one of the 25 biggest providers of investment banking solutions in the country, with 49.5 billion dollars in wealth.

It serves clients throughout the South and provides conventional corporate and private bank advisory and other financing solutions in the areas of capital markets, private equity, trusts, investment fund, security broking, insurances, leasing and mortgage lending. Regions Bank, its subsidiary, provides on-line bank service through its website and from more than 680 branches in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

The regions provide capital expenditure and intermediation from more than 140 Morgan Keegan & Co. office locations. The Fidelity National Financials, Inc. FNF, number 326 of the Fortune 500, is a supplier of goods, sevices and solution for the property and finance industry. The FNF is the nation's biggest security insurer and also provides other property-related related activities such as fiduciary service, contingency planning, mortgage credit processing, stock market broking and homeowner, flooding and household contents assurance.

It is also one of the world's leading suppliers of information-based technological solution and transaction management to the mortgage and finance industry through its Fidelity Information Service affiliate, which has customers in more than 50 nationalities. The system handles approximately 46% of all U.S. home mortgage transactions, with over $2.5 trillion in outstanding balance, and provides service automization to 10 of the 25 sub-prime mortgage administrators.

The company has manufacturing and technological relations with 48 of the top 50 US banking institutions that trust the manufacturing and outsourced Fidelity Information Service offerings. The Fidelity National Information Solution (NASDAQ: FNIS), a listed company in which FNF holds a controlling interest, provides information and valuation, technological solution and service to the property and mortgage industry.

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