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Automatically manage your client and vendor credit assessments to increase efficiencies, accelerate on-boarding, and increase approvals. Automatically manage your client and vendor credit assessments to increase efficiencies, accelerate on-boarding, and increase approvals. Kuoni, a long-haul travel company, is a leader in tailor-made luxurious holiday travel with over 80 travel locations around the globe. Kuoni based its business audit in Great Britain on costly Expert Reviews in order to release clients.

This cost prevented them from being able to verify all clients at will. Part of this is also the availability of cost-effective and full credit rating for every business. Kuoni can use this information to readily verify its business clients and keep abreast of client activities as important changes occur. In this way, Kuoni saves valuable working hours, simply adjusts the credit limit and reduces the risk.

Now Kuoni is no longer restricted to checking the creditworthiness of potential high-risk clients and is in a position to make the client validating procedure more pro-active. Helping us to control the credit limit established for clients and to raise or lower the limit accordingly. It also gives us a detailed insight into all business operations and units associated with a company.

Safe trading

Kemiex is the first on-line drug API and additive trader. Provides a convenience, efficiency and security commercial solutions for pharma, veterinarian, human and pet food businesses. Distributors, purchasers and vendors of additives and APIs can use it to help their customers find reliable and conforming partners and securely engage in business in a globally fractured world.

The Kemiex solution uses the latest digitalization, platformization, connectivity, big dates and societal feature technology to provide the user with a new user experiences. It has been conceived as an alternate to today's trade processing, which can often be time-consuming, non-transparent and confined to face-to-face networking. Operators of the platforms are linked to a worldwide net of eligible partners, enabling them to shorten trade maturities, obtain more competitively priced products and maintain full operational controls over the trade proces.

Kemiex's greatest benefit is having easy acces to a worldwide net of reliable credit-worthy credit partners who comply with regulatory requirements and stringent QC procedures. It is open for registrations and trade will be started this year, with all our products and service included. Kemiex was founded in 2017 and started the first ever business-to-business trade solutions for APIs and additives for the pharmaceutical, vet, grocery and animal nutrition industry.

The Kemiex Group is a dedicated global expert group with a commitment to improving the trade in additives and related products.

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