Reloadable Credit Card

Rechargeable Credit Card

Euro Pacific Bank customers can choose to purchase an offshore prepaid debit card. Prepaid offshore debit card | Rechargeable debit cards in various currencies We accept our debit and credit card in 210 different locations around the world. Your money has never been so easily and safely accessed. You can use our maps at million of dealers world-wide; on-line, at the point of Sale, at ATMs, ATMs and ATMs.

Multi-currency options ensure that you can safely and cost-effectively withdraw money wherever you are.

All your transaction details are accessible via our website. Top up your card and get immediate credit uptime. For more information about the charges for our debit card, please consult a Euro Pacific banking professional.

pre-paid cards

The prepaid card works slightly differently from other plastics. Even though you can shop or draw money with it like with a credit or debit card, the main thing is that they have to be prepaid - and then you can only put the money on the card.

Using a pre-paid card has a number of advantages, so it is worth comparing your choices and choosing the right one for your needs thoroughly. As a rule, pre-paid calling plans can be divided into two main types - payment on a per month basis and pay-as-you-go. Payment via pre-paid card is a payment method that allows you to receive a lower rate than with a pay-as-you-go card, and often you are granted a reward or refund for your expenses.

Prepaid paid monthly calling plans are more suitable for those who issue regular pay-as-you-go on their card while regular pay-as-you-go plans are more suitable for those who have only a fistful of deals on their card each and every months. Since you can only spent the amount you have uploaded to your card, they are a good option for those with a low income plan, for those who want to keep an eye on their kids' expenses, or even for companies.

Another advantage of pre-paid calling is that they do not need a credit assessment and are therefore much simpler to obtain than credit or debit is. That means they can be a good choice for those with bad credit or no credit at all.

A number of credit card options also allow you to include a credit card issuer in your card to help you increase your creditworthiness. Moreover, certain types of calling card can even be used as an alternate to a regular banking card so that your pay can be deposited into it. You can also use your credit card as a practical complement to your purse when you go on holiday abroad.

The reason for this is that a number of credit card options allow you to preload them with your local currencies and then avoid the costly fee imposed by many debit and credit card companies for using them abroad. There may be a charge for calling early on, so it is important to study the smallprint carefully. You should pay particular attention to your card subscription fee, money transfer fee, money withdrawal fee or expenses for your plastics, and non-activity fee - all of which are incurred if you do not use your card for a few month.

After all, unlike credit card credit lines, pre-paid calling plans are not subject to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. From £100 to 30,000, this will protect credit card transactions from a retailer's errors or defective or damage goods. Under the Consumer Credit Directive, this cover was increased to up to £60,260 from 2011.

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